5 Apps to turn your Photo into Cartoon in Android

Would you like to apply the cartoon effect to your photos? Are you pretty active on social networks and would you like to find some Android application to improve and make viral your photos? You have come across the right post, in fact in the following content you will find a complete list of 5 free apps to turn photos into cartoons directly on Android. These resources will allow you to turn your normal shots into something really interesting and fun, the effects presented by these applications are very useful to turn any image into a sort of comic book. If your interest is precisely the one described in this brief introduction, then you can not know the main characteristics presented by these resources.

App Index:

  1. Prisma Photo Editor
  2. Cartoon Photo Maker
  3. ArtistA Cartoon
  4. Cartoon Photo Editor
  5. Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

1. Prisma Photo Editor – ^

Prisma Photo Editor is the first Android application that we go to review to turn their photos into real cartoons. This useful tool allows you to apply and use the style of famous artists who will make our shots of real works of art. The features offered by Prisma photo editor are:

  • Possibility to apply modern artistic filters
  • Ability to use fantastic photo effects
  • Instant sharing of new photos.

2. Cartoon Photo Maker – ^

Another important and useful application to apply the cartoon effect to personal photos is Cartoon Photo Maker, which offers a very complete editor that allows you to apply any filter or effect you want. The primary characteristics of this app can be summarized in:

  • Quick sharing on the main social platforms
  • Effects and cartoon filters
  • Presence of many other effects and filters
  • Edit the photo by taking it directly from the camera roll

3. ArtistA Cartoon – ^

The lowest step of the podium is occupied by a very complete application named Cartoon Artist and as you can see both from the image and from the name itself is a useful tool that allows you to transform your photographs into animated cartoons.

Main features:

  • Turn classic photos into works of art
  • Offers over 50 different filters
  • Presents effects of high fashion and design

4. Cartoon Photo Editor – ^

Have you already tested the applications described in the previous paragraphs but have not satisfied for some reason? Then the application you need to have on your Android device is Cartoon Photo Editor and is a tool that can completely change the appearance of their photographs by applying that beautiful cartoon effect that makes them really special. Here are the main features offered:

  • Apply effects to gallery photos
  • Apply effects and take photos in real time
  • Presence of many effects
  • Support focusing
  • Instant sharing on social networks

5. Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor – ^

The latest Android application that we’re going to present is Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor and the basic function is to turn normal photos into photos with cartoon effect. What are the main features?

  • Over 30 different photo effects to apply
  • Take live photos with effects
  • Immediate sharing
  • Artistic filters and filters of cartoons

What do you think of these excellent applications? Have you ever tried to use one of those in the post? How did you find yourself?

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