If you’re wondering how to share Instagram Stories, do not worry. This is an extremely simple and, above all, legitimate operation. Yes, because in the past, using “artisanal” methods, it was not allowed to do it. Now, however, will be the algorithms of Instagram to inform you, via direct private message, which are the stories that you can share on your profile. To be honest, on the other, the social platform owned by Facebook offers two ways to share Stories. In addition to the stories of other users, in fact, you can also share your own in a special section of the profile. It does not matter if 24 hours have passed since they were published. So let’s see how to proceed.

How to share Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

The ability to share Instagram Stories of others has responded to a request promoted by many users. The function is rather ingenious. Unfortunately, it does not allow sharing of all stories. On the contrary, it can only be done when the algorithm considers it lawful. Instead, regarding the sharing of their stories in the featured contents, it can be done at any time on all published Stories, even on those that have disappeared. Continue reading to deepen the matter.


Stories of others

To share Instagram Stories posted by other people, you’ll have to wait for a private Direct message. The application system will send it directly, in order to inform you that you have been tagged in a story by a friend of yours. In that case, you can re- share it yourself using the Mention sharing function. Just click on the Add it to your History button to be transported within the Stories editor.

At this point, you can change the story by adding stickeremoji or GIF. When you have done, press the Your Story button to publish it. Like any other story, it will remain available for 24 hours.

Own Stories

Another way to share Instagram Stories is related to the featured content. As you know, the Stories have a maximum duration of one day. After this time they disappear and can no longer be seen by anyone. This happens, unless you decide to sponsor them in a special section of your profile. Instagram, in fact, allows you to choose the Stories you like best and set them up on your personal page, under the account description. In this way, who will look at your profile will be able to view them. In short, they would be a great “business card”.

Highlighting Stories Instagram is quite simple. After opening the application and logging in, press the + button in the Highlighted section of the story, which appears below your profile description. From there, you can select the Stories stored. After that, you can organize them, creating albums and covers, and post them. Keep in mind that they will stay there until you decide to remove them.

If you do not have to view the section dedicated to the Stories in evidence, press the clock icon, which appears immediately to the right of your profile name. You will then access the Stories archive, where Instagram keeps all the contents in time you have published. To fix a story on your profile, simply open it and press the button Highlight. In a moment, the chosen content will be shared on the profile window.


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