5 Sites to Create Photos with Double Exposure Online for Free

In this article, we will look at 5 sites to create photos with double exposure online and for free. Using these photo editors, unlike those that only allow you to superimpose photos, you will be able to easily create amazing photos, applying the effect of double exposure: in short, you can choose two different photos and then overlap the one all another, taking advantage of this particular editing option. Then you can also import photos from your PC, or maybe enter them directly via URL or Facebook, but only with some specific sites, since not all of you allow it. Are you ready to start?


Pho.to is probably one of the top 5 sites to create photos with double exposure online and for free. This portal, in fact, allows you to import two photos and then apply automatically the effect of double exposure: but the best part of this platform is its simplicity and immediacy, since it allows you to create a photo of this type in very little time and with very few steps to complete. In addition, Pho.to also allows you to crop photos, add text and even other goodies like frames and stickers. All in three steps, since you only need to upload photos, select the effect and start the creation process. Then, you can also share it on Facebook directly.


Canva is a real institution in the field of online websites and free for photo-editing, and it is no coincidence that it is also one of the best for the application of the effect of double exposure on photographs. But the really nice thing about this site is its graphical interface, rich in editing tools to create remarkable effects and extraordinary changes. Unfortunately, however, it is not easy to use: not as much as Pho.to, at least. This is because there is no double exposure option, but you will have to do it using the photo overlay tool. But this could also be an advantage, considering that by doing so you can customize the degree of transparency as you like.


The third site to create photos with double exposure online and free of our list is Fotor: it is another platform that deserves a little thought, because it allows you a lot of editing operations very nice, and you can also use to create postcards, tickets of greeting and so on. So the double exposure option casca bean, because you can use only one platform to do everything. Unfortunately, even in this case on Fotor there is no function that directly applies the double exposure to the photos, so you will necessarily have to overlap the two photographs in manual mode. But the advantages, as you have surely guessed, are the same as Canva.


Another round, another race: also FotoJet is a photo editing platform that allows you to get a shot with double exposure online and for free. But what distinguishes this site from others? First, the presence of a ton of unique features, such as the ability to apply stunning preset templates, and the ability to add captions and lots of fun clip art. Then, unlike the previous two sites, here you have an automatic option for overlap, so this portal is also very fast to use, as well as ideal to unleash your imagination.


Crello is another incredible free online platform that you can use to create a double exposure photo and to use it to create Tweet or Facebook post, as well as invitations, postcards, greetings and so on. And it allows you to do all this with great simplicity, since you can take advantage of a direct function to apply the effect of double exposure of your photos.

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