5 Online sites to add Glitter or sparkle effects to your pictures

The glitter effect is the type of graphic effect that applies to a certain image or written a series of tiny shiny and shining dots that make it particularly interesting and attractive. This is another technique of photo editing that allows you to make really special and appealing your personal photos to be used on social profiles as an avatar or as a profile picture. If this type of topic is of interest to you, we advise you to dedicate 5 minutes of time to reading the entire content, where you can discover and learn about the best 5 sites for the glitter effect to the photos, also exploitable by those who are unfamiliar with the graphic changes. The resources that we will list are available directly online and can access with different devices such as PC, smartphone and tablet. After this short intro, we can now devote ourselves to the description of services and their basic operation to create so-called glitter images.

Site index:

  1. GlitterPhoto
  2. LunaPic
  3. Tuxpi
  4. Picasion
  5. Glitterboo

1. GlitterPhoto^

The first website that we will talk about in this short paragraph is called GlitterPhoto and is nothing more than a very complete graphic tool that presents many effects and filters to be applied on their photos. But what interests us most is to understand how to apply the glitter starting from a personal image:

  • Choose the image from the PC and upload it to the site ( browse )
  • We will see a preview of the loaded image
  • From the menu at the top choose glitter text (glitter text) or glitter fill (glitter image)
  • Choose one of the glitter effects from those present
  • Point and click on the part of the photo to apply the glitter
  • Confirm by clicking on ok
  • Click on file and save in the preferred format

2. LunaPic^

LunaPic is always present in our photo editing posts because it is such a complete resource that it covers 360° the modification of personal photos. Even in the case of the glitter effect, this site offers quite interesting features and therefore we could not take it into consideration in this post. Now let’s see how it is possible to apply the glitter to a photo with LunaPic:

  • Reach the home of the resource in question
  • Upload the photo you want to edit
  • Choose the color and type of glitter
  • Apply the effect definitively
  • Save to your PC or directly share the new image on social media

3. Tuxpi^

The same premise made for the service offered by LunaPic also applies to Tuxpi who is often the protagonist of our posts dedicated to online editing of photos. It is a complete tool and so easy to use that in recent times has been so successful that it is considered one of the best free resources offered by the web. Also in this case what really interests us is to understand what are the steps to be done to apply this glitter effect:

  • Upload the image from the homepage of the site
  • Uploaded the image select the stardust effect
  • The appropriate effect will be inserted in the image
  • Save and share the new shot

4. Picasion^

Finally we deal with a service that we never talked about, but for the features presented we could not treat it with indifference, so Picasion enters right into the list of the top 5 sites to apply the glitter effect to the photos. The procedure to be used to transform a “normal” image into a glittered image is as follows:

  • Arrived on the site choose image (alongside the written create from )
  • Click on Browse and choose the photo from the PC
  • Choose the size of the output image from the drop-down menu
  • Choose the glitter effect
  • Click on make a glitter

5. Glitterboo^

We conclude today’s focus with an online resource completely dedicated to the glitter effect known as GlitterBoo. Compared to the “colleagues” described above, it is a much more complete tool that also allows video editing. Before starting to edit your photos, we advise you to do some tests, we are sure that in the end you will get more than satisfactory results. Essentially the procedure to be used to apply the glitter effect is very similar to those described above, so in this case it is not strictly necessary to show you all the steps, as it is all quite intuitive.

And you, have you ever used any of these resources to glitter your photos? How did you find yourself? In your opinion which is the best ever?

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