5 Sites for Online Puzzle Effect to your Photos

The Puzzle is a nice and fun table game that aims to find and fit the pieces with each other in order to form the main image contained within it. This game is suitable for both young children who can have fun composing pictures of their cartoons or their favorite characters, and both adults who like to spend their free time in the company. But if we wanted to create a puzzle starting from a personal photo? Is there any free online resource that allows us to transform our image into a puzzle to print? The answer to the question is absolutely positive, in fact in today we will list sites that are in our opinion best 5 sites to apply the puzzle effect to the photos directly online. Are you ready?

Site index:

  1. Pho.to
  2. Picture To People
  3. PhotoFunia
  4. Go Effect
  5. AnyMaking

1. Pho.to^

Let’s start with a well-known tool that has been featured many times in our posts about photo editing, thanks above all to the presence of a multitude of instruments and effects that can completely transform our photos. The site in question is calledpho.to that among the many features that is available there is also that thanks to which we can apply the puzzle effect of which we speak today, here’s how to proceed:

  • Select the image to be transformed into Puzzle (upload it using the key from the computer )
  • Uploaded the image we will immediately see the preview of the puzzle
  • On the right menu select save and share

2. Picture To People^

The second site that we are going to describe it is almost new and very little is known about this tool. The resource we are referring to is called picture to peopleand is nothing more than a simple web page that allows you to apply different effects to our images in a few simple steps. What we are going to see now is the basic operation of the resource to apply the puzzle effect to our simple shot:

  • Reach the resource with the link provided at the top
  • Scroll down the page and load the image with the appropriate button ( upload )
  • Click on generate
  • We will see the preview of the image with the effect of the puzzle applied
  • Save the new photo on your PC

3. PhotoFunia^

Photofunia? Imagine you have often heard in our posts of this excellent resource, especially thanks to the large amount of effects that allow you to cover almost 360 degrees aspects of photo editing. Let’s see how to apply the main effect of today’s post thanks to this tool:

  • Visit the home of the site
  • Upload the photo to apply the effect ( choose photo )
  • Select the area of the photo to be cropped
  • Click on go to apply the effect and preview it
  • Download the final image in the desired format

4. Go Effect^

Have not the sites described in the previous paragraphs satisfied you? Do you want to know some other resource to apply the puzzle effect? Do not worry, in this piece of text we will talk about an instrument not very well known but that will still give you some satisfaction¬†during the editing of the images. The site we are talking about is called Go Effect and is nothing more than a simple free online resource to apply any effect to personal shots. Now let’s see how to apply our puzzle effect:

  • We reach the resource and load the image on the service
  • At the bottom will be shown the preview and the contour for cropping
  • Cropped the photo just click on save thumbnail
  • On the following page you can download the new job on your PC

5. AnyMaking^

The last site we’re going to review and not in order of importance is anymaking. As already pointed out several times, what interests us most is to understand how to apply the puzzle effect and save the new image on our computer. Here’s how:

  • Click on upload photo to upload the image to edit
  • Choose the cropping area
  • Click on create puzzles
  • To save the photo select the save photo!

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