5 Sites to Overlay Images or Photos Online and Free

Often it may happen that you want to create your own poster or a collage of photos, but at the same time you want to do this without having to learn to use photo-retouching tools very complex, such as those provided by software such as Adobe Photoshop. And then, online programs could become very useful to overlay and merge images in a desktop version, without you having to download anything. Curious to discover these programs? Let’s see together 5 sites to overlay images or photos online and for free.

Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor is a free online tool that makes the image overlay operation really easy to do. Moreover, this website does not put any limit on the number of images or photos to be superimposed, even if the only way to do it is to overlap them one at a time, and not all together. In practice, Online Image Editor works literally in layers, with the next image that overlaps with the previous one, and so on. To underline the fact that the images should not necessarily be superimposed, but also juxtaposed to one another on the same background, or rotated, or with various background effects such as shadows.


LunaPic is another free site to superimpose images online. As in the previous case, you can overlay multiple photos, but only one by one, using tools such as transparency control, the various effects of shade and of course the rotation. In addition, you can upload photos not only from your PC, but also from social networks like Facebook or simply from Google Images. The main flaw, as for Online Image Editor, is the impossibility of canceling the overlap of the first images: you can only delete the last one you added.


IMGonline is a free platform really very useful to superimpose images: while presenting the same limitations of previous sites, this platform has the merit of maintaining much of the quality of the photos, even in the case of PNG files. Also on this site there are various transparency and shadow effects and, despite having the same defects as the others, it is more immediate and quick to use.


Even PicMonkey is an online editor that performs its duty, and it does so with simplicity and by following the standards of the other sites seen in our list. One of its major strengths is the drag & drop option and the ability to resize images simply by clicking with the mouse cursor on the corners. But the real gem of PicMonkey is another: unlike its competitors, this site will allow you to edit any image already overlaid, as long as you have not already merged. Finally, being an editor, you can also edit images with various effects.


Phixr is an excellent alternative to the sites seen previously: unlike the others, it allows you to upload multiple images in one shot, but not to overlay them at the same time. As usual, you can change the transparency level, the shadows, the size and the rotation. Unfortunately, every action you do will be irreversible, so this could bring you a lot of frustration: for this reason, our advice is to use it especially if you need to quickly overlay multiple images, without paying too much attention to the result.

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