5 Websites for Polaroid Effect Online on your Photos

How nice it was once taking a picture with your Polaroid machine and enjoy the shot immediately? The Polaroid machines have always been a strong attraction for fans of the photos and since they disappeared from circulation many users have been looking for some graphic instruments able to reconstruct and entirely recreate the effect obtained with the machines of the late 80s. A lot of free web resources are there that allow us to carry out this task and so we decided to collect in this post the best 5 sites for the online Polaroid effect.

The tools that we are going to present will allow you to get some photos in which there will be the classic frame (with the possibility of adding a caption) and that mix of colors that show the feelings and emotions of the machines that have marked an entire era. Now, the time has come to know these resources to understand which one is best suited to your needs.

Site index:

  1. Tuxpi
  2. Photofunia
  3. Photo-Kako
  4. Pho.to
  5. Fotor

1. Tuxpi – ^

Tuxpi is a great free online resource that in addition to allowing the application of the Polaroid effect to their photos, also allows the use of other tools for photo editing that make it complete in all its aspects. Use it is really simple and affordable for everyone, in fact, after uploading your PC photo, simply choose the Polaroid effect and the site will automatically apply it, without having to fiddle to get the desired result. What to say, to verify the goodness, you just have to try it.

2. Photofunia – ^

Another site that we have often considered in the photo is definitely PhotoFunia, which offers its users a complete set of effects and filters to be applied to the photos to improve and make them special. As for Tuxpi, also in this case the application process of the Polaroid effect is very simple to perform and in fact, once the resource is reached, just choose the image to be modified and load it on the site so that the tool can apply in automatic the chosen effect. All very simple, right?

3. Photo-Kako – ^

Now let’s move on to an instrument that is not well known but which nevertheless performs its task in the best possible way. The site we are talking about is called Photo-Kako and although it presents itself with a nice and unattractive look, it allows you to apply the Polaroid effect to your photos quickly and effectively. In our opinion it can not be compared to resources like Tuxpi or Photofunia (they are much more complete), but if you are looking for something simple, that does not complicate your life, it could be the ideal solution to apply the Polaroid effect.

4. Pho.to – ^

In this paragraph instead we will present a very well known and widely used site that performs a task a little different than previous resources. In fact, the Pho.to instrument, in addition to ensuring the modification and reprocessing of personal photos, allows you to create real photo collages with the Polaroid effect applied. The procedure consists of uploading two or more photos at the same time (a maximum of 5) and starting the process to quickly apply our favorite effect.

5. Fotor – ^

The last resource that we will describe at the end of the post is called Fotor and is a site that has often been the subject of our posts both for its effectiveness and ease of use. Even this tool allows you to apply the classic frame that has always distinguished the shots made with a Polaroid machine. Perhaps the use of this tool is less immediate than the others, but we are sure that after having “played” a little, you will succeed in obtaining really satisfying results.

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