After moving to the free-to-play formula on PC, The Darwin Project can be played for free on Xbox One starting tomorrow. Users who have already purchased the game will receive a series of bonus cosmetic items.

“Starting tomorrow, all Xbox One users will be able to play for free at The Darwin Project, our battle royale with survival elements – no time limit or game mode available – just download the game and get off the battlefield.” announce the developers, confirming that starting tomorrow, The Darwin Project will become completely free-to-play even on Xbox One.

Those who have already purchased the game on the Microsoft console, moreover, will receive a series of cosmetic bonus items to offset the expense, obtaining for free the Founder’s Pack which includes two legendary sets containing shirt, pants, armor, helmet and boots, three legendary axes, three legendary bows, a complete collection of suits and 10 fan gifts to further supply your dressing room with a variety of styles for your clothes and your weapons.

Recall that The Darwin Project is presented as an original Battle Royale with survival elements, in which one of the players can play the role of the “director” to change the various elements of the scenario during the games.


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