The year 2019 has come, and along with it, a number of new programs and games should appear for handsets and tablets running Android or iOS, the Apple system. In turn, the year of 2018 also had many surprising applications that quickly reached the top of the list of mobile virtual stores.

To learn more about these applications and games, Teknologya has prepared a special list of the best applications and games that you need to try in 2019. The selection below has 10 apps and games, most of which are free, however they can offer some pay differentials. Check out:


The list of apps to try out in 2019 brings programs that will enhance the experience of listening to music on your phone, enhancing your self and more. Let’s have a look:

WhatsApp Business – Android

The popular messaging application finally won a version aimed at those who used it on business or even for stores. Unlike the common app, here you have automatic response options, fields to leave useful information about your business, and other welcome features.

In addition, of course, the application remains compatible with all contacts that use the normal version of WhatsApp. For now the app is only available for Android devices, but should soon arrive for those who use the iPhone, too.

Tik Tok – Android / iPhone

Since acquiring the service, this application works as a community of videos that has gained more and more users. The justification is due to the ease that the application offers to create videos, making edits and adding filters without needing advanced knowledge.

In addition, the popular emojis and 3D filters are another addition of the program, which end up making everything more fun.

Google Files – Android

The company responsible for the Clean Master program has been the target of numerous controversies regarding the privacy of its users. Fortunately, Google has deployed several improvements in the Files program, which now serves not only to find duplicate files, but also to do a cleaning on the device.

In addition to performing these cleanups, this Google application also facilitates the sharing of files between different devices and allows the upload of what is on the mobile is done in the cloud.

Poweramp v3 – Android

For a long time Poweramp was considered the best music player for Android, but it ended up falling into oblivion due to the lack of updates and its interface, which was increasingly looking old-fashioned.

Fortunately, in this final of 2018, its development came back with everything and the program had its third version released, maintaining the same quality as before, but full of news. Although it is a paid application, its trial version can be used for 15 days without restrictions. Music enthusiasts on Android can not run out of this app.

Facetune – Android/iPhone

Selfies are used by almost everyone on social networks, but not always the front camera of the device helps capture the good moments with quality. Facetune, in turn, emerged this year in 2018 and has been successful because it has been able to achieve professional results in a matter of minutes when dealing with photos.


The year 2018 was generous on the issue of mobile gaming success, and many big companies have already made some announcements of what’s to come to 2019. Check out:

Arena of Valor – Android / iPhone

Being one of the companies that owns the League of Legends, the Arena of Valor has come to be one of MOBA’s best mobile experiences. In addition to bringing unique characters, the game has partnered with DC, which allows you to control some well-known heroes such as Batman or Flash, for example.

Just like in computer MOBAs, the games have as main mode an arena in which each team has 5 players. However, some minor modes like the famous 1×1 and special events come up every time to always leave the game with new content.

Diablo Immortal – Official page

Despite having an ad that did not please many people, because its audience expected a game for PC, Diablo Immortal promises to be one of the best games for mobile phones of 2019. Developed officially by Blizzard, the new story will pass between events that happened during Diablo II: Lords of Destruction and Diablo III.

The gameplay, though adapted to mobile devices, should follow the same pattern as the traditional isometric camera series and fighting in online dungeons and dungeons.

PUBG Mobile – Android/iPhone

The game that practically made the genre Battle Royale on computers came to Android this year and for free. Unlike Fortnite, the version of this game can even run on not so powerful devices, as long as its graphic settings are reduced.

Constantly, the game developers bring new content to it, like new maps. And the best, everything follows the pattern of development that occurs on the computer, so the news is always guaranteed.

The Elder Scrolls Blades – Official Page

The Elder Scrolls series has always been successful on computers since the 1990s, but has never had an official game until then for mobile devices. Luckily, the scenario is changing and Bethesda, its developer, has promised a franchise game for 2019.

As is the tradition of the series, even for cell phones, the game should bring incredible graphics and the same complex mechanics of items that consecrated it during all these years.

Brawl Stars – Android / iPhone

Mobile games are increasingly competitive and Supercell continues to develop titles for Android and iOS, so e-sports continue to popularize. Thus, the creator of the classic Clash of Clans and Clash Royale has released the game Brawl Stars in this final stretch of 2018.

The game ends up making a mix of shooters, battle-royale and MOBA, in which you choose a character who has different abilities. Its great differential ends up being simple mechanics and clashes that do not last more than a few minutes, while its competitors have games that can last more than half an hour.


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