iPhone XI rumors : will have folding screen?

The iPhone coming in 2019 could mount a folding screen: an Apple patent leaked online shows images of a flexible display.

iPhone XI 2019 will have the folding screen?
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iPhone Xs and Xs Max have been released for just a month, while iPhone XR has yet to arrive. In this fervent climate of novelty it might seem premature to start talking about the iPhone XI (hypothetical name) and the next model coming in 2019, or maybe not. Rumors and rumors about the upcoming iPhone begin to take shape, and considering the latest leaks, we can reasonably believe that Apple is at work on the iPhone XI with folding screen.

Although the only proof, at the moment, is a patent leaked online, the hypothesis of an iPhone with flexible display is not too far from reality. The current market for smartphones is increasingly concentrated on large screens, not to mention the fact that Samsung could launch the first smartphone with a folding screen at the beginning of 2019, and even Huawei seems to have similar intentions.

Let’s see what we can expect from the next iPhone XI, in relation to the latest rumors and market trends.

iPhone XI 2019 with folding screen? The patent

It is news of a few days ago the existence of a mysterious Apple patent regarding a folding display. This is not the first time rumors have emerged on an allegedly folding screen for iPhone, and this new leak once again demonstrates Apple’s interest in a foldable iPhone.

According to the patent, filed almost a year ago but officially only recently, the new iPhone could mount a display that would make it fall back on itself. Particular is the presence, in the project, of hinges in carbon nanotubes that would make bending possible. The displays could become two then, perhaps capable of supporting different functions, and folded like a notebook.

Not only “open and close”, thanks to its hinges the hypothetical iPhone XI could also be used by folding the screen in the position most suited to our use (the patent reports the presence of small stops in the hinges, aimed at this function).

How to fold the cover of a book: the iPhone XI can, always according to the patent, fold the screen inside and wrap itself outside the device: the peculiarity of Apple, according to the rumors, would be to choose not two separate screens but only one display so flexible that it can be folded.

iphone xi Patent
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A detail of the patent, depicting the particular hinges of the possible new iPhone

iPhone XI foldable: or maybe not?

Obviously, the presence of a patent does not necessarily indicate that iPhone XI 2019, or higher, will apply this technology.

Currently Apple prefers to keep confidential, remaining vague on the next iPhone: the Cupertino line is clear, according to some Chinese sources, and at the moment seems to confirm three new models for next fall with the same size of the current as regards the display (5.8, 6.1, and 6.5 inches).

Never say never, iPhone XI could open in 2019 to really new possibilities, as they are currently doing direct competitors like Samsung and Huawei.

In fact, recently another patent appeared, different from the previous notebook-shaped: the peculiarity of the latter would be the ability of the new iPhone to bend both inwards and outwards, thanks to a special technology that even Samsung has managed to develop them before now.

Apple vs. Samsung: Galaxy Infinity Flex will have the folding screen

Just Samsung seems destined to beat all the rivals over time, having presented its smartphone with folding screen called Infinity Flex (unofficial name): the South Korean giant has declared, through DJ Koh (leader of the mobile sector), that the future top of range will also be usable as a tablet and that the new feature will add value to all users.

The tablet will also mount a new operating system based on Android and adapted to the new folding screens, which will allow you to use up to three applications simultaneously (beating Huawei, which seemed ahead of everyone compared to this new function).

It is undeniable that all the major brands of mobile devices are interested in this technology, able to increase the diagonal of the screen and turn our smartphone not only in a huge screen, but in a device with a thousand resources. Apple is part of the challenge, and we are sure that iPhone XI (or whoever) will not disappoint fans’ expectations in this regard.

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