4 apps to put passwords in apps and games in Android

In this guide, we will see best Android apps to allow you to put password and protect applications, photos, games, folders, videos, messages and more

No one likes curious people crawling on your cell phone, and as much as we care, one hour you will falter, some funny will get your unlocked smartphone, and will see your files, photos, videos, messages you do not want them to see.

Luckily, you can add an extra layer of security by putting a password in all your apps, games, photos, videos, files and more. So even unlocked, apps can only be used by the smartphone owner.

Android has a number of options that allow you to put your password in applications, thus protecting contacts, photos, videos, files and any important information on your smartphone. Here are four of the top rated ones in the Play Store.

1. AppLock lock by ivyMobile

This is one of the most popular.

The AppLock Lock, developed by IvyMobile, can protect any installed application, be it with a password or a pattern. It also has a tool to identify intruders, while taking selfies of those who try to access protected apps and miss the password. The app can be completely hidden by using an app icon and so it is completely ruined by badgers.

By allowing any app to be locked, access to folders (through file managers) is also restricted to which has the password. Therefore, this and any app in this list can protect data on the smartphone as a whole.

AppLock Lock is free.

2. AppLock By DoMobile

The name is almost the same as the previous app (and this is not the only case of the Play Store), but the AppLock was developed by a different company, in this case DoMobile. Although similar, it offers extra functions. One of them is a “safe” to store your photos, keeping the ones you do not want others to see hidden.

The application also has its own browser for anonymous browsing and allows the numeric keypad to be displayed with the numbers in random positions every time, to prevent grabs from discovering the system lock password. Moreover, it is possible to block any applications, calls, messages, settings and so on.

AppLock offers in-app purchases, but the main features are free.

3. LOCKit

The Lockit is very similar to the others in this list, but has some interesting options. Like others, the app offers the option to protect apps with a password or pattern, can take selfies out of shit and allows the user to hide photos and videos in protected vaults, and can be hidden behind a fake icon.

As a differential, LOCKit can clear the Notification Center from unnecessary alerts and can analyze its usage behavior, protecting your data in real time.

LOCKit is free.

4. Lockdown Pro

The Lockdown Pro has different lock modes, how to use a smartwatch, its position via GPS and the address of a Wi-Fi network, and establish temporary passwords, PIN as according to the time. Already the anti-intruder system sends information and selfish gossipers straight to the email of the owner of the cell phone.

Moreover, the app password-protect any application, photos, videos, calls, messages and also blocks the screen with the fingerprint or calculator, and has a smart mode that identifies secure connected devices.

Lockdown Pro offers in-app purchases, but its main functions are free.

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