How to use Netflix in another country (travel or change)

There is not much secret, but you have to be careful about what you can change in the catalog if you travel or move

If you are traveling or are moving, you may want to know how to use Netflix in another country. There is not much of a secret, but you should be aware of what might change in the catalog and other features within the streaming service that may not be available when you use Netflix in another country.

In this post, we only show what changes when you use Netflix in another country when you are physically out of your country. Also see how to watch the American Netflix catalog with VPN if you want to change the region of your catalog without leaving your.

How to use Netflix in another country (travel or change)

If you are in another country and with a Netflix account active, simply access the Netflix website and the streaming service will display the appropriate catalog for your location. As we know, the Netflix catalog differs from country to country because of broadcast rights, regional preferences, availability of subtitles or dubbing, among other factors.

On a trip, note that some Netflix features may behave differently:

  • Catalog and dubbing options and captioning vary from one country to another;
  • Even if a series you watch has a Hindi caption here in India, if you go to the United States this caption may not be available;
  • My List feature, ratings and reviews may not be available;
  • You may need to adjust the parental control settings, as the age range of each title changes according to the country;

In a move to another country, in addition to the catalog changes and features discussed above, should change:

  • The price of the monthly payment, billing currency and the forms of payment available;
  • In any case, Netflix will use the currency of the country where your account was created to collect the monthly fee;
  • For this not to happen, it is necessary to cancel the subscription and sign again with some payment method of the destination country.

It may also happen that you move within the same country. In this case, do not worry: the catalog will remain the same and the features will not change as the streaming rights or regional preferences of the streaming service apply only from country to country.

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