Automatically remove unused apps on iPhone

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Despite the performance (especially photographic) of the iPhone and iPad Pro are reaching unimaginable levels, Apple continues to sell them with a basic cut of only 64G. This option obviously forces users to a sort of “sacrifice” of their data, thus trying to constantly remove the superfluous ones and maybe even duplicates. Today we will see how to optimize the residual memory of the device completely automatically and managed by the operating system. Obviously we are referring to the possibility of eliminating unused and space-consuming applications.

Automatically remove unused apps on iPhone

Optimize iPhone memory by automatically deleting apps 

Many users are unaware of the different management of system apps. Some of these in fact (such as Weather, Music, Compass and more), although they can be removed, continue to exist physically on the device memory, while others (such as GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and more), once removed, go to free up a lot space (even 3GB in the case of GarageBand). An excellent habit could therefore be to periodically delete all unused applications, accumulated and perhaps hidden in one of the hundreds of folders of the Home.

Thanks to iOS, the above operation can also be activated automatically. Let’s see now how to do it on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Open the “Settings” application on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Click on the item “iTunes Store and App Store”
  • Activate the “Remove app you don’t use” toggle below

Just as described by Apple itself, the app data will not be removed, in order to still keep a backup of the services automatically deleted.

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