Banned from GTA Online? Find out what happens in the event of suspension

GTA Online is the multiplayer mode of Rockstar Games’ GTA V. The player can explore the fictional state of San Andreas, in addition to doing cooperative and competitive missions. With so much to do in this open world, some players end up using cheats, hacks or even bullying other people. These attitudes are subject to suspension and even banishment.

GTA Online

What attitudes can suspend or ban in GTA Online?

Using cheats in GTA Online or any other modifications to the game code will cause your account to be suspended or banned directly. Rockstar will assess the seriousness of the situation and apply the appropriate punishment to each case.

Other reasons that can also lead to suspension or ban are:

  • Take advantage of the game mechanics inappropriately;
  • Use hacks and interfere with the experience of other players;
  • Being toxic, stalking and bullying.

What happens when you get penalized?

According to Rockstar itself, in the event of suspension, the penalized player is automatically disconnected from the server and will only be able to access the GTA V story mode for an “x” period of time – to be determined by the developer.

If a player, who has already been suspended before, receives a new penalty, he is banned from the game. Bans can also happen even before a suspension, depending on the severity of the offense.

Even in the case of a suspended player, even if he regains access to the account after the end of the withdrawal period, all his items (money, properties, etc.), in addition to the progress, will be zeroed.

What to do in case of a ban?

Well, there is nothing to do. Once banned from the game, it is not possible to play again with the same credentials. Rockstar also claims that there is no appeal in this case.

So, think carefully if it is worth taking a risk and losing everything you achieved in the game. In addition, it costs nothing to be polite when talking to other players and avoid being reported.