How to create sub folders on iPhone Notes

With iOS 13, productivity on iOS and therefore on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, has undergone an incredible leap forward. In addition to the most awaited and advertised news, such as support for external storage memories or the download of files from Safari, it is interesting to focus and also note all the small added features, which improve and speed up the user experience. Today we will focus precisely on one of these and in particular, on the possibility of creating subfolders in the iPhone’s “Notes” app.

How to create subfolders on iPhone Notes

Move folders in the “Notes” app

The procedure that we will analyze, will affect all devices equipped with iOS 13 (or later versions) and will therefore consider iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Obviously this is a feature linked to the “Notes” app present in the system, while for those of third parties, it will be necessary to check the characteristics of the single service. But let’s start immediately with the guide to follow.

  • Open the “Notes” app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • In the “Folders” section, create a new (parent) folder with the button on the bottom right
  • Add a name and conclude with “Save”
  • Create a new child folder (the real subfolder that will be inserted in that father) with the same key
  • Add a name and conclude with “Save”
  • Click on “Edit” at the top right
  • Continue with the three-dot icon to the right of the child folder
  • Choose the item “Move folder”
  • Click on the name of the parent folder

Automatically the folder will be moved and incorporated into that choice. All internal elements can then be expanded or hidden through the circle with an arrow, to the right of the name of the parent folder.