Battlefield V – Here’s new Official Single Player game Trailer

Battlefield V: here is the official trailer of War Stories, the single player campaign. Battlefield V: here is the official trailer of the single player campaign

Battlefield V: here is the official trailer

If there is any doubt, the trailer released today by DICE and Electronic Arts will escape any slightest uncertainty: Battlefield 5, available in just over a month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, will have a deep and sophisticated single player mode, just like happened for the predecessor Battlefield 1.

The single player mode, which will be called War Stories, will propose a way of telling the most intimate and “soldier-friendly” war, moving on the different fronts of the  Second World War.

Among the ler, which you can see below, puts the stories of War Stories at the center of the scene, giving a rather rich and spectacular appetizer of what gamers will face on November 20 on console and PC, day of release of Battlefield 5.

In the scenes immortalized in the new video proposed by EA DICE we are presented the four protagonists of the Stories of War dedicated to the partisan fight of the Norwegians who heroically resisted the Nazi occupation forces (Nordlys), the sabotage operations conducted behind the enemy lines by an unlikely English soldier (Under No Flag), battles fought by Senegalese soldiers recruited by the French army (Tirailleurs) and a dissident crew of a Tiger tiger I (The Last Tiger).

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Battlefield V will be available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin Access Premier starting November 20th.

The first three War Stories will be available since the launch, while for the episode The Last Tiger there will be waiting until December.

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In addition to the single player mode will include the traditional online compartment embellished by the cooperative and new ways, including the Firestorm Battlefield royal battle that will support a maximum of 64 players divided into 16 teams of 4.

You will fight on a huge map, the largest ever appeared in a chapter of the series.

The new episode of the shooter of DICE promises to be the most immersive title ever, complete with new tools, unprecedented ways to move on the battlefields and a destruction of the revised, improved and realistic environments.

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