Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office for MAC

We have selected the best alternative programs to the classic Microsoft Office suite to be used on MAC. Office on MAC, here are the 4 alternatives

The Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office for MAC

Surely the Office suite created by Microsoft is among the most widespread office programs and in over 20 years of activity nobody has ever managed to worry about the leadership of this powerful office tool that now has several applications for each use ranging from writing texts, making presentations, to managing the activities of entire work groups.

If for Windows, the choice of using Office is more open because there are several excellent alternatives for MAC, it is not so because the alternatives to Microsoft Office is more limited, and although it is less than in the past the valid alternatives are counted on fingertips of a hand.

We have tried to select the best alternatives to Microsoft Office for MAC by choosing them based on the features offered. Here they are.

Best alternatives to Microsoft Office for MAC

iWork ( Download )

It is Apple’s suite consisting of the PagesNumbers and Keynote packages and although it is powerful it is not remotely comparable to Microsoft Office.

Pages allows you to create texts, templates, images, movies and much more (such as Word), Numbers is the classic cell calculator (like Excel) less powerful and intuitive and finally Keynote allows you to create presentations (like PowerPoint) and here maybe ‘only software done well, with many effects and special features. All integrate with iCloud to find our files on MAC, iPad and iPhone and more is free and pre-installed on iOS.

LibreOffice ( Download )

It’s the favorite suite that I use, has many features, a graphic not really current but is complete and has everything. Writer (like Word) allows you to process texts, Calc (like Excel) to manage spreadsheets, Draw for vector drawing, Base for database management (like Access) and finally Math to help you in complicated calculations.

Use the free ODF save format but can also save in PDF. It supports extensions to increase and functions and in addition it is free. Although it is not beautiful it is very good and works great.

Google Docs ( Download )

We could not miss the Google suite, which obviously also works on MAC and allows you to have a text editor, spreadsheet and much more like managing tasks, notes, notes and much more. The Google Docs suite is complete and can be used free of charge with paid packages to expand the available space. You can also use it on your Chrome browser offline.

Google Docs is constantly updated and is very powerful and with many features, but I prefer iWork and LibreOffice as they work completely offline and have more features and are versatile.

NeoOffice ( Download )

Finally there is NeoOffice, I discovered recently and it works very well, graphics not bad, has many functions, is not free even if it is based on OpenOffice. It has several versions to better integrate with Google services. It works on macOS at least 10.12 and costs $29.99 downloadable directly from the MAC App Store.

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