Access Hidden features of Xiaomi Smartphone with this application

MIUI Hidden Settings is a fantastic Android application that allows you to customize a Xiaomi Smartphone to the max

Find hidden features on Xiaomi smartphones

The MIUI Hidden Settings application is a fantastic application for Android that allows you to go and find all the hidden features of a Xiaomi smartphone so as to go and change all the secret parameters to customize the interface and more.

Xiaomi with the introduction of graphic customization MIUI 10 continues to make giant steps and improves version, but there are many features that are hidden to most.

Here is the help of the application Xiaomi MIUI Hidden Settings that allows you to go to find and make easily accessible many features that are cleverly hidden in the menus.

With Xiaomi MIUI Hidden Settings you can:

  • Customize the Applications
  • Customize Notifications
  • Enable the 3D Touch
  • Detailed information of the Device
  • Fully test all components of the device
  • Hardware Test
  • QMMI
  • Performance tool
  • Battery optimization
  • Use time Applications
  • Telephone Info
  • Developer Options

The application has a basic but intuitive graphic where we will go to comb through and enable every hidden function with a few clicks. Among the best features that we can enable is enabling the 3D Touch, do a complete hardware test and optimize battery life.

Download MIUI Hidden Settings

You can download the MIUI Hidden Settings application for free directly from the Google Play Store by clicking on the following link.

Download MIUI Hidden Settings APK

At the moment I do not have a Xiaomi smartphone to try it. If you try it let me know what you think by writing in the comments.

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