When you need to solve problems on PCs that you can not have physically in your hands you can take advantage of software like TeamViewer that allow remote assistance, so you can intervene remotely; before explaining what are the best alternatives to TeamViewer, we will quickly explain what this program is and what tools it provides.

It is a very advanced tool that allows the remote management of computers, so you can work from home on the company PC, use computer programs on the tablet, solve problems on other computers at a distance.

TeamViewer is much appreciated by private users and professionals, because it is extremely easy to use, it is multiplatform and uses 256-bit algorithm encryption to make every link secure.

But this program is not the only one to allow remote connection, below we are going to discover the best alternatives to TemViewer.


Splashtop is a great alternative to Teamviewer, it is released in free version for those who use it personal, allows you to connect up to five computers and has some more features than other programs of the same genre.

In fact, it allows you to listen to or view streaming content of a computer even on another remote computer, so it is also a great tool to watch the computer movies on the tablet without having to forcibly make transfers from one device to another.

Splashtop has been optimized for use on mobile devices, this allows it to be used comfortably even from smartphones and tablets.

Unfortunately, Splashtop is not completely free in its use as a remote desktop, to have some more important features you need to purchase the license.

Splashtop is a cross-platform software, supports Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, and mobile operating systems, Android and iOS.


LogMeIn is a very valid alternative to TeamViewer, excellent to meet the needs of various types of users, basic is able to access their computers from any device and use file sharing and collaboration tools.

You can also print remote documents on a local printer, you can watch movies and listen to audio remotely, without having to make transfers.

LogMeIn can be quickly installed and configured in the same way, after a few steps you can access the various remote connection features.

The free version of the program allows you to carry out the main activities, while the paid version adds useful tools in the workplace.

To use it you have to create an online profile, it takes a few minutes and it is quite simple; LogMeIn is available for Mac and Windows operating systems and for iOS and Android mobile operating systems, for the latter, the use is perfect, as the program has been optimized for tablets and smartphones.


Supremo is another software for remote management of the computer with great potential, in addition, it is very simple to use, ensures security during remote operation and is also very light, taking up little space on the disk.

You do not need to make special configurations, allows you to manage multiple screens with the ability to transfer files on any computer you want, each data stream is encrypted with 256bit AES algorithm for greater security.

Supremo can be used in a free version for personal use, while a PRO version is needed, if used for professional purposes.

To transfer files, just drag and drop from one desktop to another; the transfer can take a few minutes depending on the size of the files; ideal for remote meetings and for remote assistance.

Supremo is available for Windows operating systems, from the XP version up to the current Windows 10.

Livecare Support

Livecare Support is one of the best desktop remote assistance programs and a very valid alternative to TeamViewer, it offers different solutions for private users and companies that can assist their customers and solve problems related to their products.

It is possible to use it to guarantee a Web Call Center service by the companies with which you can support Help Desk; while individuals can use it to control their PC remotely or help a friend or family member to solve problems.

There are several versions of Livecare Support, each one ideal for a specific purpose, and support for desktop platforms with Windows, Mac and mobile Android and iOS.

Livecare Support is a paid product with an annual fee, before buying it is possible to try a demo with all the available features.

Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote is a good alternative to Teamviewer, perhaps not the best compared to those seen so far, but it is a very useful tool that does what it was designed for.

With this program you can easily and quickly access a computer connected to the network, as long as we have both installed it on the operating system; With Iperius Remote you can provide remote assistance to customers, transfer files and share your screen to an unlimited number of users, but also work from the comfort of home.

For personal use the free version of Iperius Remote is more than enough, if instead, you need advanced features, especially in the working environment, then it is advisable to buy the Pro version, which provides more tools for sharing.

The interface is simple and clean, after entering the data of the computer to connect to, just a few seconds and the session will be opened, allowing the user to work remotely.

The program only weighs 4 MB and is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10, 2003, 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016/32-64 bit.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another product created for free by Google, a very useful tool released as an extension to download and to combine with the Google Chrome browser.

To download it you must connect to the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension, download it and install it; immediately, at its launch, we note the minimalism and the simplicity of its graphical interface, to make immediate the approach with this tool.

The first thing that is shown on the home screen is the list of computers to which you can connect, that is, those where previously you have given permission to share the screen on other computers, without these permissions you can not connect in remote.

This extension is very similar to TeamViewer because it allows you to interact on the remote desktop using a mouse and keyboard, which other programs do not allow.

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension available for Google Chrome, compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows.


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