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In many cases there is a need to reduce the size of a photo or photos, in the first case, you can resort to free online services, because the number of images on which they allow to work is very small, while if you have the need to resize, compress or convert multiple images, the best choice is to rely on programs to reduce the size of the photos.

Specifically we will get to know three software in their free version, BatchPhoto, XnConvert and FILEminimizer Pictures, which provide the user with a multitude of functions to perform any type of operation with ease.


BatchPhoto is a program also available in free version that allows, through a very simple and minimal interface to edit our photographs. However, this software is not the classic program that is ideal for simply rotating or editing your photography; it is in fact a much more solid program with really high potential. These are the macro-categories of changes that you will find among the available filters:

  • Remarks
  • Transformation
  • Retouching
  • FX application
  • Decorations

Among the decoration filters there are some interesting Vintage and Raise filters. Among the most important transformation functions, however, we have the ability to rotate, cut, turn over our photographs.

After retouching and editing our image as we please, with BatchPhoto we can choose from a wide range of destination folder settings, save extension and much more. The last step, that of processing, allows instead to make the most of the cores of your computer to process all the photos you have selected with the same (or different) filters applied.

BatchPhoto is available in three different types: Home, Pro and Enterprise. The first allows you to take advantage of the basic features, the Pro adds to these functions of FTP upload and automatic processing via scripts; the Enterprise, on the other hand, ensures the full potential of this very complete and high-performance software. The BatchPhoto price for the Home version is $30, $50 for the PRO and $130 for the Enterprise.


XnConvert is a totally free program that allows you to perform more than eighty actions on images, allowing you to work optimally and quickly on over 500 compatible formats.

This software, in addition to reducing the size of the photos, allows you to convert entire folders of images from Raw to Jpeg and beyond, you can work on any aspect of the image, apply filters, add text, crop, change color and much more.

Its operation is quite simple, once started the program we have to load the image we want to resize, by clicking on Add File in the lower left.

When the image is loaded, click on Actions and select the entry Add action, then on Image and on Resize, various possibilities will be proposed.

You can manually choose the size to be set to the photo, or apply one of the already ready configurations with the measurements made available.

After choosing the desired size you can see the variation of the image in the preview by clicking on After, which shows the modified photo, while to see the original just click on Before.

At the end of the changes applied to the photo, click on Convert, in a few seconds the image will be saved on the computer.

During the conversion phase, you will also optimize the weight of the file that will be lighter, even if the photo will not lose quality.

In addition to resizing the photo, a series of actions are available to be applied.

XnConvert is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures is a free program for Windows with which you can work to reduce the size of multiple image files in a single operation.

It is designed to compress images and save storage space or reduce the time it takes to transfer the file or upload it to the internet.

The image quality remains the same, the compressed image, in fact, is not different from the original.

To use the program you have to open click on Open file in the initial interface and upload one or more files, you will notice that the file size is present on the right of the image.

The first rectangle shows the original file name before optimization, while in the second, the name after applying the change.

Three default compression profiles are supported: compression web/e-mail, standard compression and low/compression printing, or you can choose custom compression that allows you to choose a screen resolution and preferred quality.

After setting the type of compression as desired, to finish the procedure you have to click on Optimize, the process of reducing the size of the photo will start, which will end in a few seconds.

At the end you can watch the file or send it by mail directly from the program, or open the image that will be saved in the directory indicated for saving.

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