Best Android apps for Chromebooks you should have

Since Google launched Chrome OS in the distant year 2011, the company has made a lot of efforts to constantly update the operating system with the main purpose of being able to improve the user experience as much as possible.

Initially launched as a trivial cloud-based alternative for standard notebooks, the Chromebook is ultra fast, lightweight and easy to use for anyone. All devices of this type today are far more powerful, thanks in particular to the latest Google update that offers them full compatibility with Android applications. This means that every new Chromebook will come from now on provided with the Google Play app. If we say in simple words, every application for Android operating system can now be safely installed on Google’s Chromebook, which is a huge upgrade to the platform.

Lots of very valid application to download on your Chromebook. However, not all of course work the same way on a Chromebook like on a smartphone. Which Android apps for Chromebooks should you use? For you we have selected a list of the best apps for Android that will give a huge advantage to your personal Chromebook. Let’s see what they are.

Microsoft Office app

We will start our list with one of the most important and obvious applications that you should never miss. If Google Docs is not for you, you’ll find the Microsoft Office apps more than ever useful. You can install WordExcel and Powerpoint for Android on your Chromebook and get the same experience you have on a tablet or smartphone. In fact, this application if we have to say it all work much better on a Chromebook because you will have a keyboard at your disposal every time you use them. Because these applications have been designed entirely for tablets, they work far better on larger displays.


Slack today is considered one of the best multi-platform services in which you can converse with your friends or colleagues, with extra features to go significantly to improve collaboration and increase productivity. The Android version of Slack is simply perfect, sensational and very easy to use even for the less tech savvy. However, the same can not be said regarding the web-based version, which is very complicated. The Slack app works great on Chromebook and you get the same experience you have with your phone.


Netflix compared to the early years has gone a long way to become one of the best streaming services in circulation, and it would be very difficult to live a life without entertainment. If you have already been able to use the Netflix application for Android so far, then you know how well designed and impeccable it is. This is the same experience that you can safely get when you install it on your Chromebook. Among other things, the Android application allows you to download content for offline viewing, a function that you will not find instead if you will rely on the Netflix website. You will have a lot of fun with this feature on your personal Chromebook too.

Infinite Painter

If you’ve always loved to edit photos, if you like works of art madly, do not let your display on your smartphone crush your creativity. Let your huge Chromebook show your inner creative genius. The best application of all, the one to beat, is definitely Infinite Painter. Even if you are not artistic types, you will like the way the same application works on a Chromebook. The application in question contains everything you need to be able to create beautiful images in a short time – from filters to levels, effects and transformations. But what differentiates Infinite Painter from the competition is undoubtedly the brushes and the way they work flawlessly on a Chromebook to bring all your imagined creations to reality.


Evernote is one of the most downloaded applications in the world. It is a very powerful app that allows you to quickly take any kind of notes, with more features than any other app with regard to creating notes. The application for Android operating system boasts a very intuitive user interface compared to the web version. The Android version of Evernote also provides offline access, a feature that will not be present in the web version. This fantastic application works great on Chrome and runs in tablet mode. You can also transfer content from your Chromebook directly to Evernote and save it as a note.

Google Photos

Photos with a higher resolution without a doubt have a much better look on a big screen. If you have a device with the green Google robot on board, you’ve probably already had the chance to use Google Photos. The Google Photos application we’re talking about is excellent on Android, especially now that it has a new design to discover. This app works perfectly even on any Chromebook. In addition to the benefit of viewing your favorite pictures on a larger display, the app also allows you to customize as you see fit, use filters and organize the best photos in special albums. The Google Photos app on Chromebook provides the same experience you would have on an Android device.

Solid Explorer

As you begin to add other Android applications to your Chromebook, you will necessarily need an app that will help you to better manage your files as it happens on any smartphone or Android tablet. The Chrome operating system has an integrated file manager that you can use without any problem, but it is not very easy. Solid Explorer is the best solution and works great on Chrome OS. The app works fantastically with mouse and touch gestures, making it the best option for your Chromebook. It is also very simple to use for everyone, thanks to the presence of its dual interface and a drag and drop functionality.

Pocket Cast

Another excellent application. Pocket Cast is a very simple platform to use for everyone, perfect to organize in a short time and always keep at hand any of your favorite podcast so as to listen to it at any time deemed most appropriate during the day. The app also allows the creation of a playback queue and organize them, according to your preferences so as to reproduce them during the work.


Regardless of whether you’re an Inbox or a Gmail user, both of these Android apps are far faster and much smoother than Chrome counterparts on Chromebooks.


Another solution valid for lovers of photo editing. This go-to editor regarding fast changes on your Chromebook is the maximum. The resizing, borders, arrows and the like are all very fast and simple in PicSay. We strongly recommend using the Pro version which offers many more features.


Having received the great opportunity to run any Android application safely, Chromebooks have become more capable than they were when they were marketed for the very first time. The list of applications proposed by us is not exhaustive. Other applications you can check out include YouTube, Quik, Instagram, VLC and Unclouded, among others.

Have you ever used one of these Android apps on your Chromebook? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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