Resolve Error “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” Instagram

The error message “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” appears on Instagram? Here’s how to fix this in the easiest way

Instagram problem “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” Instagram

Turning on the web between various blogs and forums, I discovered that many users are experiencing strange problems with the Instagram app for Android and iPhone. 

In particular, many users report seeing this error message suddenly appear on their Instagram account: “Sorry, there was a problem with your request”  and obviously they do not know how to fix it.

If you also see this error message and you can no longer use Instagram on your Android phone or iPhone, below I’ll explain how to solve everything.

Unlike the other guides I read on the web, this works for real and allows you to solve your problem with Instagram quickly and easily. 

Let’s not waste time, let’s start immediately with the guide and in a few minutes you can go back to using Instagram. 

Why is the error “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” Instagram appears

First of all, it is good to make a clarification.

The error can simply be due to a problem on Instagram servers. 

In this case it will be enough to wait 10-20 minutes and maybe the error will disappear by itself when the technicians of Instagram will have solved the problems on the servers.

If even after 1 or 2 hours the error message keeps appearing and you’re the only person who can not use Instagram, then the problem is different. And here we see how to solve it.

In general, if you get the “Sorry, there is a problem with your request” error on Instagram, it means your account or IP address has been blocked by the social network for some reason.

Maybe you left too many comments the same, maybe you put too many likes in a short time, maybe you used some tool to get like and free followers or more.

I’m not sure what you did, but Instagram found an incorrect use of the platform from your account and blocked it. That’s why you can no longer login with Instagram. 

To confirm that there is a problem with your account, try this: log in to Instagram from an Internet browser on a PC. If you can access Instagram from your computer and NOT from the phone you always use, this is the confirmation of the problem and the blocking by Instagram on your account. 

But do not despair: if your situation is this, we will help you to solve it easily and above all without formatting or resetting the phone (which would result in the loss of your personal data).

How to fix the error “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” on Instagram

Now that we understand what the problem is, let’s see how to solve it easily and quickly, without formatting the phone and without losing data in it.

We will see in particular 3 different guides that will help you reach your goal.


  • go to from any internet browser
  • log in with your account
  • go to Settings and remove the connection to Facebook (if you had it)
  • now creates a new Facebook account for the sole purpose of using it to login on Instagram
  • now get another device that allows you to log in on Instagram via the app
  • log in to Instagram via the app using this new/second device and using your normal Instagram data
  • go to Settings and connect your new Facebook account to your Instagram account
  • now uninstall the Instagram app from the phone on which the login error originally appeared
  • install Instagram again from the Play Store after uninstalling it
  • log in to the newly installed Instagram app using the previously created Facebook account
  • BOOM! And here you are able to use your Instagram account again without errors or problems

METHOD 2 (Android only)

  • start Instagram and wait for the error to appear
  • open the Play Store and download the free app PARALLEL SPACE
  • open the PARALLEL SPACE app when the download is complete
  • search for the Instagram app inside PARALLEL and create an Instagram + clone
  • creates a shortcut to the Instagram clone
  • Open the newly cloned Instagram app and enter your login details
  • DONE! Now you can use Instagram and I advise you to continue using the Instagram clone to avoid problems. You will NOT be able to use the regular Instagram app because you will continue to see the error


If the two previous methods do not work, I’m sorry but the last thing to do is to completely format your smartphone. You have to do a complete reset, losing all your data.

And the worst thing is that you CAN NOT make a backup and restore it, otherwise the error will still be present.

To resolve the error “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” on Instagram you need to:

  • save all your photos, messages, videos, calls and whatever you think is important on your phone
  • completely format the smartphone (Android or iPhone does not change). This way you will lose ALL what you have not previously saved
  • configure the smartphone again
  • download Instagram
  • log in with your account
  • you should have solved the problem with Instagram


We have concluded with this long Instagram guide.

I hope I helped you solve the problem. In case of doubts or further questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

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