Samsung with folding screen is official: here is Infinity Flex

Samsung Infinity Flex Announced: a unique device that can transform from smartphone to tablet in a simple gesture.

Samsung finally did it: during the Samsung Devoleper Conference 2018 Infinity Flex was officially presented, the first smartphone with folding screen of the South Korean house.

Samsung had already put everyone on alert a few days ago, when it changed the logos of their social pages (dedicated to the mobile world) with a new image that saw the brand of the company fold in two on itself.

And now Samsung Infinity Flex, the name of the new folding model, is official: the smartphone was shown during the conference, positively surprising the audience who was able to take a first look at the new device. Here are all the details.

Samsung Infinity Flex: from smartphone to tablet

A unique device, able to open and close with a simple gesture, which allows you to simultaneously have a smartphone and a tablet perfectly integrated and working.

Samsung Infinity Flex promises wonders, with its screen capable of reaching 7.3-inch dimensions once opened and that, according to the company, will be able to redefine the way we use the smartphone. More resistant, thanks to a new type of protection, and with a new Android system developed in collaboration with Google to guarantee users the best possible experience.

From smartphone to tablet with the ease with which we fold a sheet of paper and the ability to use three applications simultaneously in multitasking.

It should be noted that what is shown by Samsung is still a prototype, slightly camouflaged and probably far from the final product that we will see in the coming months: this first version of Samsung Galaxy Flex shows itself with a design still under construction, the phone looks like a nice brick as regards the thickness and the edges are quite squared and compact.

The choice of not wanting to show too much during the conference is probably due to not wanting to influence other developers and then reveal the final model in a new official dedicated presentation: Samsung said to believe a lot about Infinity Flex, giving the go the massive production of the new device over the next few months.

Samsung has been working on a folding display since 2014 but just a few days ago from Royole FlexPai, which has already sold its smartphone, available from December at the price of 1295 dollars, also beating on Huawei.

Samsung comes second, but there is no doubt that the strength of the brand will revolutionize the world of smartphones, now more and more oriented on folding and flexible models with 5G connectivity.

We look forward to the next few months to get more details on the specifications of Samsung Infinity Flex, with the final design and the launch price.

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