After our article on the best Android games, in which we have listed a list with all the best games available for smartphones and tablets with Android operating system, list has grown a lot thanks to your advice we received in the comments, we have tested and listed the Best Android apps for you.

We hope to increase this list thanks with your help, so if you want, you can leave a comment suggesting us your favorite Android Apps.

In this list we have also included some Android Apps that are pre-installed in the latest versions of the operating system so that even those who have an old version of Android can install them.

The best Android apps in alphabetical order
  • AirDroid
    Convenient application to manage your smartphone or Android tablet from your favorite wireless browser.
  • AirPush Detector and AdFree Android
    App that allow you to block unwanted notifications and advertisements.
  • Alive Video Wallpaper
    Mobile wallpapers Really original animates, something different from the usual static backgrounds, different packages: Base, Waterfalls, Oceans, Forests.
  • Android Assistant (18 functions)
    Interesting app to monitor free memory, info on the battery, processes started with the ability to close them, and various tools that can always come in handy
  • Any.DO | List of commitments
    App for those who have many commitments or little memory, which will allow you not to forget things to do. You can manage all your tasks and set alarms or alarms for each event
  • AppSales. Best Apps on Sale
    If you want to buy an app at a discounted or discounted price, this app will come in handy, as it allows you to keep track of app prices and updates if there are offers or discounts to buy them at a price lower than the normal one
  • AVG Antivirus Free
    The most used and downloaded antivirus for Android systems.
  • Auto Call Recorder
    To record all the calls you make or receive.
  • Barcode Scanner
    App that allows the camera of your Android device to read barcodes and identify the product and in some cases the cost.
  • CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator
    Fantastic app that uses the camera as a scanner to generate pdf, very functional as it also allows you to scan objects in perspective and optimize them as if they were frontal.
  • Cerberus
    Great app to be used as a complete anti-theft device, to recover your lost or stolen Android device, too bad it’s free for only 1 week and then $2.99
  • Free calls and SMS
    A mix between Viber and Whatsapp, to make calls over the internet and send messages similar to the Whatsapp application, very convenient for its compatibility with Android, iPhone, Win, Mac and Linux
  • Clinometer (+ bubble-level)
    The best level in circulation, very precise.
  • Dropbox
    Cloud service app. It allows you to take your photos, documents and videos with you wherever you go, just upload them to the free space provided by Dropbox which is 2 GB, to which 500 MB can be added for each invited friend.
  • Endomondo
    The best app for sportsmen, to keep under control, distance traveled, map of the route, times.
  • ES File Manager
    One of the best if not the best File manager circulating on the play store, very useful to find files in folders and to manage both local files, and also browse shared folders within local networks
  • Evernote
    Lets you take notes, capture photos, notes, create to-do lists and record reminders quickly and easily. Convenient as it is synchronized with all devices and PCs with Evernote installed.
  • Facebook
    App of the famous Social Network, usually pre-installed, but for those who did not have it, here it is.
  • FaceGoo Lite
    Funny app to distort photos, very nice example to deform people’s faces in the photos.
  • Flipboard
    It is an App that collects the news of the topics of interest chosen by the user, including social networks. Everything is then displayed in this application.
  • Sound level meter – Sound Meter A
    fancy app that uses your smartphone to measure the decibels of the sounds that surround us.
  • FxCamera Allows
    you to take pictures and customize them with many different effects, giving you the opportunity to improve the photos you’re going to shoot.
  • Go Launcher EX
    App that allows you to customize your smartphone with a variety of functions, with fantastic themes, transition animations and much more..
  • Gmail
    App to check your mail on Gmail.
  • Google Drive
    As with Dropbox, with Google Drive you can store all your files in one place, to access them anywhere and share them with others.
  • Google Maps
    The App for excellence that offers detailed maps with buildings, GPS navigation with voice directions step by step, driving directions, public transport, cycling and walking.
  • Google’s
    tasty Sky Map App developed by Google that allows you to understand the stars and constellations that we are watching over our heads.
  • Google Translate
    Very useful app to translate words and phrases between more than 65 languages using the Google translator.
  • Microsoft Outlook
    App to check your mail on Hotmail.
  • Instagram
    Widespread application with which you will have the opportunity to take photographs to apply very characteristic photo filters and share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr.
  • Magisto – Magic Video Editor
    Video editing app, to create videos with a soundtrack, even if short-lived.
  • Music Volume EQ
    MP3 player that allows you to improve the sound quality of your Android device by going to intervene on the equalizer.
  • Picsart
    One of the photo editing programs for Android devices, performing, complete and easy to use.
  • Pixlr Express
    Together with Picsart an excellent photo editing app.
  • QR Droid
    App that uses the camera as a QR code scanner.
  • Shazam
    Very useful application to know the title of a song we are hearing on the radio, also able to find the relative youtube video and find information about the song and the artist in a few seconds.
  • Skygo
    App dedicated to those who have a Sky subscription, to see the channels on their Android device.
  • Skype
    App of the famous video call, chat and file transfer program already present on PC.
  • Snapseed
    One of the best applications if not the best for photographic changes.
  • Soccer Scores – FotMob
    App dedicated to sportsmen and bettors with live scores with alerts, rankings and statistics.
  • Speedtest
    Great App to test the speed of your mobile or fixed connection in case you are connected in wi-fi.
  • Super Task Killer FREE
    If you have too many processes running this useful app allows you to close them.
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
    Best app to remotely access your computer and control it from your Android device.
  • Rangefinder – Smart Measure
    App useful for measuring the distance between you and an object using the camera as a viewfinder.
  • Flashlight
    App inevitable that turns the flash of the camera into a flashlight, with a convenient button to turn on and off the flash.
  • TuneIn Radio
    The best app to listen to the radio on Android with over 70,000 stations.
  • TripAdvisor An
    essential app for travelers, find hotels, restaurants and attractions, whatever your destination, thanks to the “Nearby” feature you can find the best places near you and all the attractions that are reviewed by users.
  • Twitter
    App of the famous Twitter social network.
  • Unit Converter
    Very complete application that allows all types of unit conversion.
  • uTorrent
    App to download torrents for smartphones and tablets just like the one for desktop.
  • Whatsapp Messenger
    The most famous App to send messages, photos, video, audio and location for all devices that are Android or iOS, can not miss in your smartphone.
  • YouTube
    Famous app to view Youtube videos on your Android device, pre-installed on almost all versions of Android.
  • Waze
    Excellent Satellite Navigator, really well done.
  • Wifi Analyzer
    Analyze the wifi signals by indicating their power, and indicating the best wifi channel, very useful.
  • Wikipedia Mobile
    Official Wikipedia application for Android.
  • Worldscope Webcams
    20000 webcams in real time from around the world.

If you have App to propose not listed, leave us a comment, and we will evaluate them and if we consider them valid we will add, as already done thanks to your help for the extensive list of Best Android games, or if you want to try our list of the best android apps on pc, you can try them thanks to Bluestacks which is nothing more than a handy Android emulator for PC.

We have not even forgotten about iPhone users: Read Top iPhone Apps Free and of course also Best iPhone Games Free.


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