Those of you who are avid drivers and who are prepared to go anywhere and everywhere, a robust Android Auto App is something you must have. Don’t you think that the quintessence of a good drive is good music to listen, keep in contact with your friends and family, etc.?

Not only that but safety also comes into play, rather than having to take your eyes off the road and start using your phone, which is not only dangerous but illegal, Android Auto is a much safer way of still being able to use your phone at the wheel.

Considering that the latest texting while driving statistics show that 1,600,000 accidents per year are caused by people reading and sending SMS messages while at the wheel it’s really something you should be using if your lucky enough to have it inbuilt with your car.

So if you are fortunate enough to have it, but don’t know where to find the best android auto apps, then check out these 6 Android Auto Apps that you are missing out on. With robust features, you would go bonkers over these crazy picks.

6 Best Android Auto Apps To Make Your Drive Go Easy

Spotify: Music On My Mind

Spotify is one of the fantastic and most significant music streaming services in the world. What is even more amazing is that it is compatible with Android Auto. So, this compatibility has coupled the vast assemblage of Spotify’s songs, artists, and albums with your driving journeys.

Imagine a long drive along the lake, with your favourite songs playing in the background—nothing could be compared to that bliss of solitude. You’ll need to have a Spotify Premium subscription for $10 per month, to download songs without an internet connection.

Pandora: Music And Podcast On Demand

Pandora is another great Android Auto App! Its rich music collection will make you forget any pandora’s box opened up for you. So, lose yourself in the musical tunes by creating personalized stations.

A personalized station offers bespoke music based on the artists, songs, or genre. You can skip the song you don’t want to listen, but there is an absolute cap on the number of skips on free accounts. To have unlimited replays and skips, you will need $5 a month subscription.

This customized music radio learns from the type of songs you listen to and suggests recommendations based on that. Pandora can be turned into a Spotify-style on-demand auto app for $10 a month service.

Scout FM: Personalized Talk Radio

Scout FM is a podcast radio service which streams best radio shows and podcast. It offers a tailor-made ensemble together with a set of features designed for listening while you drive.

Unlike the traditional podcatcher app, Scout FM dispenses with the need of touching the device for searching, subscribing, or downloading. Scout FM has stations which provide personalized music by tracking your listening or skipping choices.

The best thing about this auto app is that it gives audio introductions before running an episode. As a result, the drivers do not have to divert their attention on the app and take their eyes off the road to get an idea as to what they are about to listen.

Scanner Radio: Fire And Police Scanner

The Scanner Radio plays a dual role by encompassing the functions of a typical Radio Shack and Android device. With this plugged into your car, you can listen to a myriad of live frequencies and it’s rated as one of the best radio scanner apps.

So, you can get access to the curated 7,000 fire and police scanners, air traffic weather radios, amateur radio repeaters, and marine radios, from around the globe. This is the app with Android Auto support for those who look for nifty features of sorting, saving and locating their assortment.

The pro version is available with advanced features sans ads and that too for free.

Facebook Messenger: Text And Video Chat

You can listen to music as well as send replies to the messages, while you are at the wheel. If you have Facebook Messenger installed in your phone and if the Android Auto is active, then the messages will be sent to it.

The Android Auto can also read your messages aloud so that you can get abreast of them. If you want to make replies to any of the messages, then you make the large button send a pre-typed message of “I’m driving right now.” This is handy when you want to avoid distractions while driving.

Waze: Get Driving Directions, Traffic Reports & GPS Navigation

It is the most comprehensive app one could find. Its popularity stands testimony to its quality! The app has a hundred million users as it fetches you the shortest and easiest route to your destination. Weren’t you looking for that feature?

Fueled by a crazy combination of real-time information and Android’s Location Services, the app orchestrates updated, traffic conditions, speed trap, police cordon, constructions, the cheapest filling station on the way, among other factors.

You can share your ETA and progress with others to let them know your progress on the road.

Summing Up

With these handpicked Android Auto Apps by your side, now you know what exactly is missing from your car. So, what are you waiting for? Take your friends out on a road trip and be prepared for the eulogies, for that robust music system in your car and thank us later.

Some soulful music, a calm road, and no sluggish traffic–Your rides will never be the same again!


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