Best Android keyboard apps to Enhance user experience while chatting

On the web and on chat, nothing is forgiven, let alone typos! If you argue and discuss with friends on touch and you shed light before you can write a correct message with your stock keyboard, it’s time to replace it. Find out which are the best Android keyboards of the Play Store to continue to text without interruption.

Slash Keyboard: each of your requests is just one slash away

Slash Keyboard at first glance may seem like a very simple keyboard thanks to its clean and modern design, but this app hides unique superpowers that speed up your life. Slash Keyboard can be connected to more than 20 external services like Spotify, Google Drive and YouTube so you can search and share content without ever having to leave the chat.

All this by simply typing the symbol slash (this /, the bar tilted to the right) and entering predefined commands. You can also create your own custom commands: for example, by typing /home you can magically make your address appear or with /night you can set a default goodnight phrase.

  • Slash Keyboard

Minuum: to optimize the use space

Do not look for the usual QWERTY keyboard, but an application that allows you to take full advantage of the compact screen of your Android? Minuum is for you! Ok, it’s true, there are almost no screens below 5 inches, but Minuum could still change your life. It is in fact one of the smallest and most intuitive keyboards of the Play Store.

How many times, while you were intent on replying to a message, have you forgotten what question you were answering? Instead of “scrolling” to view the messages of the conversation in which you are participating, install and activate Minuum by default, it will occupy only a small band of your display. In order not to confuse the ideas, the app will show the letters in a row from right to left following the order QWERTY and not the alphabetical one.

Swiftkey: to type without thoughts

The classic of the classics, one of the best keyboards on the Play Store, resistant to time and competition increasingly fierce. Swiftkey uses and stores content published on Google platforms and social networks (including Facebook and Twitter) and, inspired by your personal style, tries to predict the words you are about to write, including emoji.

There are many customizations and options available (some of which are accessible only with in-app purchases): custom prediction, emoji, layout, input methods, intelligent self-correction, automatic uppercase, surface typing. In addition to being fast, practical and functional, it also offers a modern look thanks to the available themes.

Flesky: speed and personalization assured

Even Fleksy allows you to write messages quickly, without giving up the desire for customization. Forget the old and boring dark keyboards, black on white, and get ready to give a touch of color to your smartphone, using the themes offered for free by the app or entrusting to those paid if the options are not able to better express your taste.

Fleksy, in addition to the themes, offers interesting extensions that will allow you to receive tips on emoticons, stickers and GIF while Whatsapp or text on your Android from the keyboard. You can also browse the app directly from the keyboard, shine the keys pressed with the colors of the rainbow, automatically correct the abbreviations in longer words (writing iwawigb you will find yourself displayed “I want a world of good bro”!), In addition to customize the size of the space bar according to your needs.

Ginger keyboard + Translator: two solutions in one

If you do not settle for a simple smart keyboard, able to complete your sentences and correct your spelling mistakes, but you are looking for a 360 degree service, Ginger is the free keyboard that’s right for you! You will find implemented all the smart features of the keyboards named up to now, including text prediction and the ability to write via swipe, as well as a translator and a dictionary of synonyms in the app.

Even on Ginger you can express yourself using the emoji offered by the keyboard, customize the theme, let you read the messages directly from the app, save your favorite messages as templates to be able to reuse them in the future. Ginger supports up to 58 languages and will allow you to post quickly, providing what you are about to write and correcting any horrors!

Go Keyboard: an avalanche of emojis available

Go Keyboard, one of the most downloaded keyboards and loved by Android users especially thanks to the many emoji available and accessible quickly and intuitively. But it’s not just 800 and passes emoticons available to characterize this keyboard. Go Keyboard also offers a wide selection of customizable themes, a tablet mode and swipe writing available in more than 60 languages.

Once the app is installed and open, you can choose which theme or wallpaper to install. You will be pleasantly surprised by the funny emojis treated in detail that you can select and insert with a tap in your messages.

Swype: write without ever lifting a finger from the display

Swype is a rather well-known keyboard, specializing in the Swype typing method, precisely. This system allows you to write messages in a fluid and fast way without ever lifting your finger from the display, simply by dragging it from letter to letter. Swype learns about your messages, automatically updates the dictionary with new words or phrases you use, and takes care to add spaces between words when you are too busy swapping from one side of the keyboard to another.

There are now many keyboards that offer this method of typing, but the most intuitive and precise is just Swype. We advise you to test it well before using it, perhaps using an empty Google document, to learn to flow smoothly between the letters, otherwise you could send words and sentences twisted and unreadable.

  • Swype Keyboard Trial

Gboard: the Google handyman keyboard

The Big G keyboard offers a simple and clean interface, but above all lots of smart functions, all in perfect working order. In addition to the look Material you will find the text-to-speech function, which allows you to write messages with the voice, and the swype included in the package. Not to mention that the app recognizes many different languages. Present by default on Nexus and Pixel smartphones this app is available for all terminals equipped with Android 4.4 and above, just download it for free from the Play Store.

Just like Swiftkey, the Google keyboard remembers everything you type and is able to optimize your messages, a function that among other things is not available exclusively for this app, but applies to all Google services. You will immediately notice, among the suggested words, your own words and expressions.

It also present the compatibility with the tabs incognito of Chrome (the keyboard will ignore everything written during incognito sessions), the search for GIF and the real-time translation of what you are writing in many different languages using the knowledge of Google Translate! There is obviously no lack of free themes.

Which keyboards are you using on your Android? Which would you add to our list?

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