Best Anonymous Email Service To Try In 2020 for Free

Our online anonymity and security are not articles of merchandise, we should not pay for it — it’s a normal state of things which unfortunately we can not achieve. But we try, and there are a lot of solutions that have appeared.

There are only 3 requirements for good email:

  • It should be secure;
  • It should be anonymous;
  • It should be affordable to everyone — free.

Unfortunately, most well-known and widely used email services do not meet them.

So it is high time to explore the top 5 best anonymous email services which you can use freely in 2020 and do not be afraid for your privacy on the Net.

What are the Best Anonymous Email To Try In 2020 for Free?

#1 Utopia Ecosystem Email

Utopia is a newly-introduced service for convenient and secure Internet access. It means that it allows its users freely and anonymously communicate through uMail and uMessenger, search for information with uBrowser Idyll, process payments with uWallet, etc.

The ecosystem is decentralized. That means that each service of it is peer-to-peer — no central servers included in the process of information transfer.

As for the email peculiarities, Utopia applies the modern combined encryption techniques, such as AES with 256-bit key (the longest, the hardest to hack) and Elliptic Curve.

Each email you send is encrypted by default.

Utopia Ecosystem Email

#2 Guerrilla Mail

The second place is taken by the famous Guerrilla. It is a one-use email address service, launched in 2006. This service creates a mailbox for you, the incoming correspondence from which will be deleted an 60 minutes after reading. It is possible to set up call forwarding to your real box. Optionally, you can quickly delete this temporary mail and create a new one. It simple and provides additional security.

Guerrilla Mail

#3 MyTrashMail

The third one is MyTrashMail. It is a special mailbox designed to receive mail from dubious sources or such messages that other people should not know about. Let us say, for example, you can send an email to register on a site and use this email to verify your acc. All that is required is to take a fake address and add a MyTrashMail domain to the end! That’s all, no more actions needed. Then you need to go into MyTrashmail and look for your email by the address you created. All the data and info are deleted from the service from time to time for extra level security.

So do not hesitate to use it.


#4 CyberAtlantis

The fourth email that is worth considering is CyberAtlantis. It also takes your privacy extremely seriously. This is a simplified service thatnks to which you can send emails only with the address of the receiver and with the text itself. When messages are transferred, users’ IP addresses are deleted from the data packets. Thus, it becomes not real to track what and to whom you send.


#5 Mailnesia

The last but not least email service is Mailnesia. It will create a new mailbox whenever a message is received automatically. It also has an automatic link verification tool, ideal for registering new websites. Just like in case whith some of the previous services, to start using it, you need to do is add to your email. It’s one of the most convenient tools for anonymous communication.



Of course, it’s much better if you use the services which won’t require falling back upon one-use services. They do provide security, but it’s not convenient to use if you, for example, conduct long-run business communication, which includes sharing confidential documents as well.

The most rational option, in this case, is to use such a service, which will be convenient to use on a daily basis. That’s why Utopia’s email service is put in the first place.