Since you have purchased a new computer equipped with Microsoft operating system and want to protect it better, and now you are looking for an article that will help you find out which antivirus to choose for Windows 10. We at Teknologya have created an ad hoc guide!


The first virus and malware protection program we recommend using on Windows 10 is Avast. This is a very well known software on the market, especially because it offers a really effective free solution called Free Antivirus. The program is able to protect the operating system in a complete way and to constantly monitor all the activities carried out.

To download the free version you just log on to the special Web page of Avast and press the button Free Download. Alternatively, there are 3 other versions available: Free, Internet Security and Premier. Through the dedicated page, you can find out the differences between these 3 editions of antivirus software.


Which antivirus to choose for Windows 10? Another great antivirus that you can install on your computer is AVG. The program is able to guarantee rather good performance because it can count on an excellent antivirus scan system completely free. The only problem is that the free version shows occasional pop-ups of various kinds that may disturb you.

So, to download AVG AntiVirus FREE, simply log on to ‘special Web page and press the button Free Download. Alternatively, you can opt for the Internet Security version or the Ultimate version which would be the most advanced solution for antivirus protection and PC optimization.


Another highly recommended antivirus for Windows 10 is Avira. In fact, we have an anti-virus software that offers a much higher level of protection than the competition. In addition, just like AVG and Avast, a free version called Avira Free Antivirus is available.

To proceed with the download of the 2019 release, connect to the dedicated web page and press the Free Download button. Alternatively, you can take advantage of additional features (eg protection from evolving ransomware threats, scanning of email attachments, downloads and USB devices in search of malware, unlimited customer service, etc.) by opting for Avira Antivirus Pro.


In conclusion, we offer another famous antivirus for Windows 10 available both free and paid. The free one is called Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition and can be downloaded by simply clicking on the button Free Download on the download page. Alternatively, you can opt for Bitdefender Antivirus Plus or Total Security which have additional features that are always visible on the same page at the bottom.

Which antivirus to choose for Windows 10: other solutions

If you have not been satisfied with the protection programs listed a short while ago, here are some alternatives to consider.


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