The Galaxy Note 9 comes equipped with 835 Snapdragon processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage. It runs Android Oreo. The battery of 4000 mAh. But is it good for Gaming?

For this guide, we have tested a few games to check whether it deserves to use for this purpose or not. Let’s have a look:

The list of games we are going to test is:

  • Asphalt 8
  • Free Fire
  • PES 2019
  • PUBG
  • Subway Surfers

Is Galaxy Note 9 good for games?

Does Galaxy Note 9 run Asphalt 8?

The first game analyzed was the Asphalt 8. The Galaxy Note 9 kept the 30 frames at a stability of 97%. The battery consumption during the test was averaged 598mA. This means that in Galaxy Note 9 you will have approximately 6 hours and 40 minutes of battery life to play Asphalt 8. In this period the average usage of the processor was 5% and the memory at 626MB. In terms of data usage, it downloaded 8MB and uploaded 1.8MB.

Asphalt Report 8:

  • 30FPS: 97%
  • Processor: 5.00%
  • Memory: 626MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 598mA
  • Battery life: 06h 40min
  • Download: 8000MB
  • Upload: 1800MB

Asphalt 8 runs smoothly in Galaxy Note 9, with graphics at maximum and you can play for almost 7 hours the game until the battery is over.

Does Galaxy Note 9 run Free Fire?

The second game analyzed was the Free Fire. The game ran at 60 FPS average maintaining 99% stability, using on average 9.5% processor and 688MB of memory. Only 1.4MB of data was downloaded and 1.1MB uploaded. Its battery life is 5h30min, with an average consumption of 721mA.

Free Fire Report:

  • 60FPS: 99%
  • Processor: 9.50%
  • Memory: 688MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 721mA
  • Battery life: 06h 20min
  • Download: 1400MB
  • Upload: 1100MB

Free fire Runs in Galaxy Note 9, no frame crashes. The game is quite optimized, runs on virtually all smartphones. In Galaxy Note 9 the graphics and frame rate at most, it behaved very well with enviable fluency.

Does Galaxy Note 9 run PES 2019?

Galaxy Note 9 kept 30FPS with 100% stability on PES 2019. Using an average of 11% processor and only 587MB of memory. The game downloaded 100KB of data and uploaded 50KB, the average consumption of 605mA of the battery resulted in the autonomy of 6h and 36min.

PES 2019 report:

  • PES 2019
  • 30FPS: 100%
  • Processor: 11.00%
  • Memory: 587MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 605mA
  • Battery life: 06h 36min
  • Download: 100MB
  • Upload: 50MB

YES, PES 2019 runs in Galaxy Note 9, and you can play for more than 6 hours.

Galaxy Note 9 runs PUBG?

The fourth game analyzed was PUBG. The processor had average use of 14.8% and memory of 831MB. The game downloaded 4.6MB of data and uploaded 7MB. PUBG ran with 60FPS, and 99% stability, with graphics at minimum and frame rate high. It can run with graphics on top, but there the frames go average of 45 and stability 95%. PUBG on PC is already a game with little optimization that limits computers with medium to high hardware, no cell phone is different. If you want to play with graphic quality at the top, even one of the fastest smartphones in the world will not be able to rotate the maximum amount of frames. The battery life is 4 hours and 15 minutes, and the average consumption was 930mA.

PUBG Report:

  • PUBG
  • 60FPS: 99%
  • Processor: 14.80%
  • Memory: 831MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 930mA
  • Battery life: 04h 15min
  • Download: 4600MB
  • Upload: 7000MB

PUBG runs in Galaxy Note 9 with graphics at a minimum. With the graphics on top, it WHITES. The 40 frames with 95% stability are enough for you to have a better graphic quality. But honestly, the fluidity of the 60fps with graphics at the very least give another gameplay. As I mentioned, the game is not optimized, nor are the best smartphones able to run it with maximum graphic quality and maintaining the 60 fps, unfortunately.

Galaxy Note 9 Wheel Subway Surfers?

The last game on the list is Subway Surfer. During our test, it used 8% of processor, consumed 348MB of memory, downloaded 2MB and uploaded 290KB. It rotated at 60FPS with 100% stability, and used 530mA of battery. The autonomy is 7h and 30 minutes.

Subway Surfers Report:

  • 60FPS: 100%
  • Processor: 8.00%
  • Memory: 348MB
  • Battery consumption: ~ 530mA
  • Battery life: 7:30 p.m.
  • Download: 2000MB
  • Upload: 290MB

YES, Subway Surfers runs smoothly in Galaxy Note 9 and it will be able to run for more than 7 hours.


In the conclusion of the test in Galaxy Note 9, we can say that the smartphone has run all games. There was no abnormal heating. In the PUBG it suffered to run the game with graphics at most.

So, did you like our test games on Galaxy Note 9? Comment below what you would like to see in our tests.


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