Best applications to increase the speed of the Internet in iPhone

We are witnessing the release of many applications which will help you to increase the speed of the Internet for iPhone. Now there are so many companies working with them. Some applications are lightweight, many are heavy in terms of MB and hardware resources.

We are here to make sure that your Apple phone has no difficulty connecting to the Internet when you have to use these applications that need a good connection. And it is for this reason that I decided to write the best applications to increase the speed of the Internet for iPhone.

The best applications to increase the speed of the Internet for iPhone

#1 Download Accelerator

This is a freeware application that will allow you to increase the download speed of your iOS device. Download now the first application to speed up downloads for iPhone and iPad and increase download speeds up to 200%. You absolutely must try this application on your iPhone.

Download Accelerator features:

  • Advanced download management with acceleration support.
  • Download multiple files at the same time.
  • Show detailed download progress.
  • Resumes interrupted downloads.

#2 VPN in Touch

Try VPN in Touch on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and find out that it’s the fastest and safest mobile VPN service around. In reality, this application does not have an internet acceleration feature, but blocks ads on web pages to increase the speed of the Internet. In addition, it also provides data saving functionality.

Features of VPN in Touch

  • You can hide your digital identity when you’re connected to a VPN, keeping the activity anonymous and difficult to follow.
  • VPN in Touch will be activated as soon as you connect to WiFi or a 3G network. Your surfing on the Internet is always safe and secure.
  • With the help of Save Data, the use of 3G / 4G data on your iPhone decreases considerably.
  • Just block all the advertisements on the web, even Facebook and Youtube, by activating the Ad Blocking feature.

#3 Fing – Network Scanner

This application best manages the network connection thus increasing the Internet speed of your iPhone. With this application, you can find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network in seconds. Fing is a professional network analysis application. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to assess security levels, identify intruders and solve network problems.

#4 Booster Antenna (2.29 €)

Since the speed of the Internet depends directly on the quality of the signal, this application works the same way. Using this application on your iPhone you can locate the antenna of your operator, and activate the potentiometer. Enjoy a stronger signal now!

Booster Antenna features:

  • Supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Locate the antenna of your operator, then activating the potentiometer
  • Easy to understand interface

#5 Neumob – Internet Booster

The app that accelerates wireless speeds for applications on your iOS device. Increase Internet speed with Wi-Fi and Wireless (2G, 3G, 4G). It is the application that actually makes your Mobile Internet faster by using WAN technology. Surely one of the best applications to increase the speed of the Internet for iPhone!

Then there are these three other applications that do not need presentations!

#6 Sengled Boost

#7 Device Booster

#8 OpenSignal – Speed Test & 3G / 4G / Wifi Coverage maps

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