Since you have recently opened an activity, you would like to know which are the best apps to create logos from smartphones/tablets Android and iOS to do it independently without relying on a professional. At Teknologya we decided to create an ad hoc guide dedicated to this topic!

Adobe Illustrator Draw

The first application we recommend you use to create logos from smartphones and tablets is called Adobe Illustrator Draw. We are in front of the famous software devised by Adobe that can be downloaded completely free from the Google Play Store on Android or from the App Store on iOS.

Once downloaded and installed on your device, open the app, press on + to create a new project and then use the Shapes section to start creating the desired logo. In addition to this, Adobe Illustrator Draw provides several vector brushes to achieve the desired result.

Logo Maker & Logo Creator

Among the best apps to create logos on Android and iOS we decided to also include Logo Maker & Logo Creator. Even this software can be downloaded completely free from the respective stores and also offers different predefined logos that can be used as a basis for creating your project.

Once the app is open, press the Create button at the top right to start the new project. Then, by clicking on Add Shape you can choose the preferred default logo among those proposed to be used as a basis for your project and add some text by tapping on Add Text. Once the work is completed, you can export the logo in JPG or PNG format by clicking on Save.

Logo Maker Plus

Another excellent application to use on Android smartphones and tablets is Logo Maker Plus. Through its very intuitive user interface, it is possible to create a personalized logo in a very simple way.

After downloading and installing the software, start it, press + Add New Icon to add a new icon and choose the favorite symbol from the screen that appears. Once this is done, you can zoom in or out the logo using your fingers and change the color and shades with the appropriate controls.

After inserting the logo, press the A + icon to add text to the logo while inserting an image tap on the camera icon. To export the project, just press the floppy disk icon and choose Save Draft to save the project, Download JPG to download the logo in JPG format or Download PNG to download it in PNG.

Logo Maker

For many users Logo Maker is one of the best applications to create logos on iPhone and iPad. The interface is perfectly suited to iOS because it is very minimal but there are all the functions necessary to create a logo from your mobile device.

After downloading the app from the App Store on your iDevice, open it and choose one of the templates available through the screen that appears ( IconicLife StyleColorfulSportsFashion or Heart ).

At this point, select a predefined project among those proposed and customize it as you wish. To export the work done, you need to press Save at the top right and choose the desired format or alternatively tap on Done to store the logo directly in the Photo app.

The best apps to create places: alternatives

If the applications reported a short time ago have not fully satisfied you, then you can consider downloading and installing the solutions below.


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