Like other popular applications, Spotify has a testing program: an Alpha and a Beta for mobile applications. By signing up as a tester, you can receive early versions of features before they arrive in the stable version of the app.

Notice, however, that not everything is flowers. Because it is a beta (or alpha) application, the tests allow you to find bugs and failures before the application is sent to the millions of users. So believe it, sometimes, it gives a little problem, yes.

How to download and use Spotify Beta

Spotify Alpha

Alpha users receive new versions of the application almost daily. These are alpha versions of the application, and there may be stability issues. Alpha users mainly help find issues as soon as they are introduced to be fixed before reaching the beta version of the application.

Spotify Beta

Users in the Beta group receive new versions about a week before being distributed to end users. The version will be almost ready, but it still needs feedback from Beta users for the app to find and fix final issues.

It’s more or less how Windows Insider works: there’s the Fast Ring (alpha) group and the Slow Ring (beta) group. Both, however, end up seeing new versions before the others.

Do many new features arrive all the time?

Spotify says that not always. “In some cases, we may experience our new features in these programs, but most of the time the new features are gradually rolled out for all users. The main reason to participate in the Alpha and Beta program is to help us create the best possible product. ” So it can be …

Note that there are a limited (not reported) number of Alpha and Beta users. It is possible that occasionally inactive are removed to release to new users.

Attention testers:

According to Spotify, anyone can participate as an external tester (who is not an employee of Spotify itself) and have access to the compilations. A developer can invite you to test invitations with email or public link.

How to use Spotify beta on iOS (iPhone)

In iOS, you need to download the TestFlight application. From this application, you can download new versions and send problem reports. Note that, poor default, TestFlight will send an email when there is a new version of the application to test.

If you do not want to receive these emails, open TestFlight, select Spotify Music and go to “Notifications”. Under “Notifications,” you can select whether you want to receive new version information via email, by push on mobile, or no notification.

On Apple devices, they are available for:

  • Apps for iOS: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 8 or later;
  • Apps for tvOS: Apple TV with tvOS 9 or later;

TestFlight is not available as an app for macOS.

Download TestFlight for the group of your interest:

How to use Spotify beta on Android

To subscribe to the Alpha or Beta program in Androd, Spotify recommends that you first join the Google Groups Alpha or Beta first and accept the invitation.

Then go to the Android App Testing page and click on “Become a Tester”. Now go to the Google Play Store and download or update the app.

You can try to manually update the app in the Google Play Store or wait until Spotify updates automatically. The test program warns that it may take a few hours to receive the update. You can exit the test program using the same link. Uninstall the beta and install the stable Spotify app.


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