The thing that most distinguishes Android from iOS is the profound personalization on an aesthetic and functional level it offers. Even without root permissions, you can get a homescreen with a much more captivating look. This is also thanks to the many developers and graphic designers who constantly add and update new launchers, icon packs and widgets.

In this article, we will show the best app and the best sites for another important component of the homescreen: the background. In fact, carefully detailed background will have a better visual impact than a coarse quality one. Since the backgrounds are almost infinite, you will certainly be able to find the one that best suits your taste and the rest of your personalization.

Here are the best apps of wallpapers for Android smartphones.

Best Android wallpaper apps

There are so many apps which are dedicated to wallpapers on Play Store, but there are few really worthy and original. Here are the following:

Google Wallpapers

Initially born only for Google Pixels, Google Wallpapers was actually released freely on the Play Store, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful wallpaper in this app. However, being still quite young, the amount of wallpapers is not so large, but every now and then Google releases updates to introduce new images or new categories, which are now nine:

  1. Nature
  2. Sea landscapes
  3. Art
  4. City
  5. Life
  6. Texture
  7. Land
  8. Geometric shapes
  9. Solid colors

They are all very high quality and resolute wallpapers, so it is sure that they will have an excellent rendering on the smartphone’s homescreen.

Google Wallpapers | DOWNLOAD from the Play Store

Pixel Walls

Pixel Walls is one of the best apps when it comes to clean, elegant and full-bodied material design backgrounds. New ones are published very often and in more variations, in order to satisfy everyone’s configurations.

Also in this case the backgrounds are divided into sections, and there is one in particular very interesting, dedicated entirely to backgrounds with colored subject on a black background, suitable for AMOLED screens.

This time the app is not free, but is on sale at $1.69 on the Play Store. It might seem like a waste of money, but in reality it is the minimum to support an app that brings truly original content, which can not be found anywhere else, essential and minimalist.

Pixel Walls | DOWNLOAD from the Play Store


Zedge is now a pioneer in the world of customization through wallpapers and ringtones. The first release of this huge database dates back to not very recent 2003, and from there users have never stopped uploading wallpapers.

The application is still simple and well done, with a design in step with the times and the categories of backgrounds are many. All completely free of charge directly from the Play Store. Not bad, right?

It is useful to know that Zedge also has a dedicated website, so you can search for good wallpapers even from PC, here it is.

Zedge | DOWNLOAD from the Play Store


Even Backdrops is an application dedicated to backgrounds rather experienced, but manages to keep cool with a catchy look and the latest fashion that follows the canons of the material design. The initial interface is divided into four sections:

  1. Community: wallpapers, in fact, provided by the community and downloadable for free;
  2. Explore: a series of wallpapers proposed by the official team, but only downloadable by unlocking the paid version of the app;
  3. Collectionsspecific collections of backgrounds. Some are free, for others you need the Pro version;
  4. Favorites: a personal space in which to save your favorite wallpapers.

As can be deduced, Backdrops is almost free. In fact, to unlock the full potential of the app you will need to pay a price of about $2, which is really a ridiculously deserved amount for a team that strives to bring on the smartphone of its users some of the best wallpapers there are. Obviously, in this case, the advertisements will also be removed!

Backdrops | DOWNLOAD from the Play Store


Walli  is a bit different from other wallpapers apps, but that’s not the worst of it. It is structured to look like a social, so much so that the home screen is a real feed in which you can view the works of many different artists, and it is not uncommon to find some really interesting gem.

If you want to publish some background that can be appreciated, it is possible, you just need to register and publish!

Walli does not block any content, but rightly a good job deserves to record profits. That’s why some ads will appear, which can still be removed by paying $2.29. It’s also a nice way to support creators and artists!

Walli | DOWNLOAD from the Play Store

Darkops: AMOLED wallpapers

Last but not least, here is the app of wallpapers that will make lovers of simple figures on a black background happy, lovers of energy saving, in short, lovers of AMOLED displays.

Except for iPhone X, the AMOLED, OLED, P-OLED screens and variants that belong to the category of organic displays are a peculiarity of some Android smartphones, which become more and more each year.

Well, Darkops offers many wallpapers dedicated to this type of display, which on an IPS or a TFT would certainly not have the same effect, and you can understand why reading this interesting article that shows the difference between the types of existing displays.

Consistent with the style of backgrounds offered, the interface has only two colors: black and white. They have really a huge collection so there will not be any problems finding the right one.

Darkops is completely free on the Play Store.

Darkops: AMOLED wallpapers | DOWNLOAD from the Play Store


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