Where to find and download HD Wallpapers

Applying a wallpaper to your desktop, especially when it comes to HD wallpapers, can help make your device less boring, and especially always different! Why not change the background often by taking advantage of one of the many high-resolution images and HD wallpapers that the web offers continuously?

Doing so can be easier than you think, and you do not need to connect to Google Images looking for random phrases to try your luck. There are some catalogs of HD wallpapers for computers (and others) that would make anyone happy. We have collected for you the best sites where you can find a background in high resolution for your computer.

HD Wallpapers: the best sites

Below we have collected those that are in our opinion the best sites to download free HD wallpapers, with resolutions also very large and therefore suitable for any type of device: PC, smartphone, tablet and so on.

Often you can even decide the resolution of the photo, so that it is also suitable for the latest devices. Lately indeed, the best smartphones have the famous aspect ratio at 18: 9 and therefore need more “narrow and high” images than normal. This also happens with PC monitors, which tend to be wider.


The first site that we would like to recommend is quite famous and allows you to navigate in a really vast sea of photos and backgrounds of the highest quality. It’s called Unsplash and the peculiarity of this site is its constantly updated catalog: every day a new photo and all freely downloadable under Creative Commons Zero license, which allows you to use and modify them at your pleasure!

You also have the opportunity to subscribe to the site, to send your best shots and to vote the photos that you like as if you were in a social network. All you have to do is access the site, scroll down by looking at all the HD wallpapers available, and choose one by clicking on it.

At this point a window will open in front of you that will show you the best image selected and, if you like, all you have to do is click the green “Download Free” button at the top right to download the background immediately. There are also many other buttons such as “Collect” or “Info” which allows you to see the resolution of the photo and how it was taken!


Another very interesting alternative for those who always look for the best background for their computer is Pexels, a free site that counts more than 10 thousand photos in the catalog from which you can download wallpapers for the personalization of your device.

Everything works as if you were in a great search engine for photos, look for a word, such as “summer” or “city” (see the example) to find the best theme photos in the catalog of the site. Alternatively, if you do not have a specific idea, you can simply scroll down and see the HD wallpapers randomly uploaded by many users.

As for the previous site in fact, once you find the photo that’s right for you, click on it to see it enlarged and, if you like, you can click on the green “Download Free” button at the top right to download it immediately! But there is also another very interesting setting:

If you pay attention to the “Download Free” button you will notice that on its right is a small arrow down. By clicking on it you can decide whether to download the photo in full resolution, or decide for yourself other resolutions, smaller, which will fit better to the device on which you want to set this HD wallpaper.

By simply clicking on the Download Free button the site will automatically download the photo with the highest resolution, but on some displays – especially smartphones – sometimes you may be forced to choose a lower resolution to avoid risking that the screen cuts a portion of the photo.


Another site that we recommend for your needs of novelty and originality is Wallpapers Wide. Everything will have a more “traditional” form compared to the competitor sites, with a subdivision by category of images. Although the graphics are not as appealing as the previous ones, however, this site offers a huge amount of images and in particular many different resolutions!

The categories are many and really vast inside them, the high quality photos are easily downloaded and therefore applicable on your computer or smartphone. In fact, in the left sidebar you can choose with just one click all the categories that interest you.

Alternatively you can scroll through the homepage of the site and watch the many HD wallpapers available at random (convenient when you do not have a clear idea of what you want to download). Once you have chosen the photo of your interest you will open a page similar to the following:

Now do you understand why we recommended this site? Once you have selected the image you will be able to access a screen where you can choose the resolution of the photo. There are tens, with different aspect ratios and adaptable to any device, also thanks to the side menu where there are indications on the aspect ratio, and then on the type of screen on which it will be applied.


Continuing with the sites to download HD wallpapers, among the most famous there is no doubt Desktoppr, which has an extremely simple and intuitive operation, which makes navigation simple even from smartphones. You only have to enter the Wallpaper section (by clicking the link we gave you a little while ago) and you’re done!

At the top left, there is a small menu that helps you to filter images based on the loading date, type and size. Otherwise you can scroll through the most popular images and immediately choose from the most beautiful ones.

To download an HD background you have two ways: open an image and click on it with the right mouse button (or by holding down with your finger on it) until a menu will appear that will allow you to download the photo on your device. In this case, however, the photo will not be downloaded in maximum resolution (and therefore with a lower quality).

Another way is to open the image by clicking on it, and then select the cloud icon at the bottom right. From here you can register and access your Dropbox account, which will be used to save photos. From there you can then download them in full resolution on your device. It is a bit boring, but this site is very provided!

Other sites for HD wallpapers

Do not you still have enough backgrounds? Here are other sites that you could take a look at and where you can find other free HD wallpapers:

  • DevianArt: famous site where to find a bit of everything, including wallpapers. Especially recommended if you are looking for anime-themed wallpapers.;
  • Nexus Desktop: almost one and a half million HD wallpapers in any category. Do we need to add anything else?
  • WallHaven: literally, “the paradise of wallpaper”. And how to blame it! Definitely worth a look.
  • Simple Desktops: highly recommended for lovers of “minimal” and simple backgrounds, or of “material design”;
  • Digitalblasphemy: lots of HD wallpapers for every occasion. A huge collection that deserves to be visited!

These were therefore the best sites for free HD wallpapers that we wanted to recommend. And have you found what you were looking for? Please let us know with a comment below if you want to recommend other sites just as interesting!

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