7 best apps to record screen on Android in 2018

Recording screen on Android can be a real necessity, for example, in order to show a certain error or abnormal behavior of the smartphone to a friend who is trying to help us.

Another concrete example may be the desire to record your actions on the display to make tutorials on YouTube: in this case, using a camera or “external” solutions would inevitably lead to a decline in the quality of the shots.

Want to Record the screen on Android? Here are all the possible solutions

Fortunately, in recent years, developers working on Android have developed several extremely useful apps in this regard. In the article you are reading we have collected 7 software for this operating system that, besides being extremely functional, offer a series of unusual and extremely interesting features.

YouTube Gaming

The name of this free app tells a lot about what it can do: YouTube Gaming is a software that allows you to record your screen for direct upload to YouTube, especially gameplay sessions. YouTube Gaming lacks some of the features and original power of other apps you’ll see in this long list (for example, the video resolution is limited to 720p), but its direct integration with YouTube makes it extremely functional if you want to quickly upload videos on this platform.

The editing features here are pretty simple, but simplicity is the main feature of YouTube Gaming. Of course, the app is not limited to just recording games: it can record specific apps, allowing you to easily create tutorials or similar video content.

Google Play Games

If you want to avoid downloading third-party apps and as with the previous app you mostly intend to focus on the gaming industry, you can simply use the official Google Play Games app.

To use this software:

  • open the Play Games app
  • go to the information page
  • then touch the Record a first top of the screen icon

You will have the opportunity to record in 480p and 720p, so nothing incredible.

RecMe Free Screen Recorder

Another free app that can record the screen of Android is RecMe. It is one of the few recording apps that, if used on a rooted device, can record internal audio and video. If your device is not rooted, you can not take advantage of the internal audio functionality, but you can still record regularly.

It’s recording potential is also interesting: the video quality can reach 60fps and 1080p. The user interface is extremely user-friendly: the aesthetic makes RecMe seem almost an official Google product!

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is one of the apps in this sector that has recorded the best votes from users and, on balance, are absolutely deserved esteem.

We’re talking about one of the best screen recorders on Android as well as one of the most versatile apps. Using DU, you can record gameplay videos, save them in multiple resolutions and with variable frame rates up to 60fps. You can record your voice even while recording video and the editing suite has everything you need to make basic changes to your video before putting it online (cuts, adding music, filters, background images, blurring and much more).

If this is added to the fact that it is totally free, the situation becomes very interesting …

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is deservedly one of the most popular screen recording apps on the Play Store, as it offers a wide range of features including Full HD recording at 60fps. It has a number of tools to refine your videos after recording them, such as adding background music and the option to record in person, making real introductory stages to the actual movie.

Mobizen Especially useful for video games, allowing you to record sessions at the same time as recording your face.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder does not require root access and has an option to pause and resume recording (especially useful for creating video tutorials). This app also has a front camera overlay feature, but requires a paid upgrade ($ 2.99) to unlock it. Apart from this feature however, AZ Screen recorder is totally free.

You can change settings such as resolution, frame rate, bit rate, or even present a text message or logo overlay on the video being shot. Also worth noting is the useful support for audio recording via a microphone.

Lollipop Screen Recorder

As the name suggests, this app is only available on Android Lollipop and later versions. Lollipop Screen Recorder is one of the easiest apps to use in this list and offers only basic options such as screen resolution and orientation.

To start recording, you need to open the app and click on the icon at the top. To stop recording, just press the app notification. It can also record audio, but there are no other particular parameters to be used.

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