Messenger: how to delete embarrassing messages after sending

Are you wondering if on Messenger you can delete messages after sending and how? Know that an update is coming for the Facebook application.

Messenger is the messaging app developed by Facebook that contains messages and conversations exchanged on the popular social network. One of the most requested features is the ability to delete messages after sending, a feature that has been available for a few months on Whatsapp (owned by Mark Zuckerberg and partners).

How many times have we regretted a message written on impulse? How many times have we sent a file to the wrong person, remedying a good fool?

Deleting a message sent also by the recipient’s chat will no longer be a problem even on Messenger: according to the rumors reported by TechCrunch the function will arrive soon with the next update.

Messenger: how to delete messages after sending

In fact, delete messages sent via Facebook and Messenger is already possible, but one-way: you can delete your message, or those received, either from a PC or a smartphone.

Do it is simple, from mobile you just open the conversation on Messenger and hold on the message you selected: done this, in addition to the reactions, you can click on “Delete” in the small menu below (the command is right in the middle, between “Copy” and “Forward”).

From PC it’s even simpler: once you have found the message, press the options button (symbolized by the three dots, next to the emoji) and select “Delete”. Following these two procedures, you can delete both messages sent and received, but be careful: only you will see the related messages deleted, nothing will change in the window of your interlocutor.

The latest update coming soon will implement a more complete function, allowing you to delete messages, photos and videos sent permanently even from the other person’s window (which will no longer see the content you sent).

You can expect a similar mode of use as WhatsApp, with the availability of the Delete button for all and the appearance of the writing This message has been deleted. Unless Facebook, for its internal messaging platform, decides to make changes, even on Messenger the other person will know that we have deleted a sent message.

How much time will Facebook provide us to delete the message?

It is not yet clear how much time we will have to eliminate the message sent before it becomes inviolable. Currently on Whatsapp we can delete a message within 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds from its sending and this also applies to photos, videos and audio files.

According to the latest rumors reported by The Verge, unlike WhatsApp Messenger users will have ten minutes to delete the message sent, provided that the latter has not already been viewed by users. The rumor seems to be confirmed by version 191.0 of the client, and it is still to be seen if instead of the deleted message will appear a warning message (like on WhatsApp) visible to all members of the chat, or if it will still appear among the messages preview of the notification center of your smartphone.

One thing is certain: Facebook and Messenger currently hold the largest number of connected and active users, both mobile and desktop. Whatsapp has a widespread distribution in almost all over the world. A function of this kind becomes indispensable for an app so used, but perhaps behind its introduction there is more.

A few months ago, some newspapers revealed that Mark Zuckerberg and other bigwigs of Facebook had the exclusive right to delete their messages sent on Messenger, a function apparently deliberately denied to social users: to be forgiven Facebook promised the possibility of extending the feature at all, and here we are. Ready to update?

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