7 Best Arch Linux based Linux Distributions

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If you use Linux then at least once you have heard of Arch Linux. This is the perfect distribution for all those who love customization. However, it has some drawbacks like the release of the releases without checking if they are stable or not. With this article, we decided to group together the best Linux distro derived from Arch Linux to be installed on your computer.


If you love the customization offered by Arch Linux (in addition to speed and the system in general) but want to avoid possible crashes and bugs, then you could consider installing Manjaro. We are facing a Linux distro that uses Arch Linux as a starting point but works with a different approach. Instead of delivering software updates as early as possible with Arch Linux, the developers take some time to get them to be stable.


One of the best Linux distributions derived from Arch Linux is Antergos. It is a distro that allows you to install Arch Linux as easily as other distributions like Ubuntu, Solus and Linux Mint since Arch Linux takes a long time to configure.

The best Linux distributions derived from Arch Linux


Chakra is an operating system Linux -based Arch Linux mainly focused on the experience of desktop KDE Plasma. Just like Manjaro, this distribution also releases new updates only when they are stable.

However, users can still upgrade to the latest software but the core of the operating system remains stable. In addition, Chakra also has access to AUR (Arch User Repository) and has other features present in Arch Linux.

Arch Bang

Another recommended distribution is called Arch Bang. If you are looking for a lightweight desktop configuration based on Arch Linux but did not like the solutions listed above, then try installing Arch Bang.

It is a distro strongly inspired by the dead Crunch Bang Linux project. The only difference is that, instead of being based on Debian, this distribution uses Arch Linux. Furthermore, Arch Bang is one of the perfect solutions to rejuvenate old PCs without setting aside modernity and pleasant use.

The best Linux distributions derived from Arch Linux: other distros

In addition to the distributions reported in the last lines, there are other Arch Linux derivatives to be taken into consideration. Here is what they are.


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