Spotlight does not work on Mac? Here’s how to reindex spotlight on Mac

If Spotlight does not work on Mac, then it may be useful to reindex to solve the problem. To find out all the steps to be followed specifically, you can take our new guide today as a reference!


Spotlight is a service implemented by Apple in its MacOS operating system that is always updated to allow the user to know all the files on hard disk and external storage media such as pendrives and HDD.

To start the search, you simply need to press on the magnifying glass on the top right (in the menu bar) so that you can quickly and easily search for a file by entering its name, the date of creation, the location of the shot (in the case of photos) and more. However, sometimes it may happen that Spotlight does not work properly.

Spotlight does not work on Mac: how to solve

To restore the correct functioning of the macOS tool, just follow the simple steps that we report below:

  • Press on the gear in the Dock to open the System Preferences and then click on Spotlight. Alternatively, you can access the settings by pressing the relevant item in the top left Apple menu.
  • Through the screen that appears, press the Privacy tab and then drag the folder or disk you want to index back into the list of locations where Spotlight does not search. Alternatively, press on the + and choose the folder or drive to add.
  • After waiting a few moments, select the newly added folder or disk and remove it from the list by simply pressing on the  . In this way, Spotlight will re-index the contents of the folder or disk.

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