A particular genre between strategy and construction games is that of “Clicker Games” or “Idle Games” go on alone and the player is only required to click to set in motion dynamics that progress while not being played.

An example of this type of games are those of strategy where to put a building or in production a resource in construction that is developed while you are not playing, independently, to earn money and generate profits (of course for pretend).

When you return to play, you can work on something else taking advantage of what was produced in the time when you did not play and so on.

While for some this type (Clicker) can be monotonous and boring, however, has had a surprising success in some titles for Android and iPhone, so that some have become samples of installations (but the click is a tap, that is a touch with your finger on the screen ). In this article, we see the best clicker games for Android and iPhone, those that go on even if you do not play, where you just need to access a job every now and then let it be completed independently, from the game itself, to make us earn money (obviously for virtual).

1) Bitcoin Billionaire ( Android and iPhone )

This clicker game can be played for hours by continuously generating random events with good or bad impacts, which then force to improve or remedy in the case of unexpected.
It starts with a few clicks, then spending bitcoins in investments trying to earn as much money as possible and generate more revenue, with a very stimulating money market simulation.

The game has a certain sense of humor and a lot of personalization for the character and for the home.

2) AdVenture Capitalist ( Android and iPhone )

This idle game is one of the most popular and played clicker games in the world, designed to eliminate as many clicks as possible.

Just a few taps on the screen to earn money to use to improve the activity that will generate profits.

The game is very detailed and is a simulation for those who want to become a real entrepreneur, where we must hire employees, activate investors and make the business as profitable as possible.

3) Egg, Inc. ( Android and iPhone )

Egg, Inc. is another very popular clicker game, where you open a farm and you have to sell eggs to earn money and generate profit.

Employees can then be hired to move things faster, complete missions and earn points in the rankings to compete against other players.

4) Idle Miner Tycoon – Mine fever ( Android and iPhone )

The mines game is another one downloaded more than a million times on the Google Play Store, with a standard clicker game dynamic, where it starts with nothing in hand and you work in the mines to extract resources with which to earn money, to create an empire.
The game also works offline, has beautiful graphics, simple controls

5) Tap Titans 2 ( Android and iPhone )

Tap Titans is a clicker game with RPG elements of combat, where touches on the screen inflict damage to monsters and missions are carried out while not being played, to gain.
The game has 120 titans invaders to beat, pets to collect, various skills, lots of material to collect and even some social elements.

6) Tap Tycoon ( Android and iPhone )

This is another investment game, where you can earn money to invest in your activities until you create a multi-sector business conglomerate.

7) Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure ( Android and iPhone )

In this idle clicker game where to build a time machine to become the most popular magnate of all ages.

With just a few clicks and taps you can start new businesses that will go ahead on their own to make us earn big money, provided that the investments are the right ones.

8) CivCrafter ( Android and iPhone )

It is a game where you have to hire workers to grow resources and produce food.
You play everything with a finger, so it’s not very demanding but still fun to play from time to time.

9) Tube Tycoon ( Android and iPhone )

For those who want to become a star on Youtube, this is the perfect game to do it virtually, with the goal of becoming a successful Youtuber and earning a lot of money.

10) Cookies Inc. ( Android and iPhone )

Cookies Inc. is another popular game of clicks where you have to create and collect cookies of different types.


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