Best free simulation games for Android and iPhone

The simulation games are those that reproduce, virtually, the various activities or jobs that can be done in real life.

Personally, I’m not a big lover of simulation games because they require time and effort.
But we can not deny that some of them are extremely engaging, able to immerse players in realistic dreams and, above all, useful for learning new things that, you never know, can be useful in real life.

The Google Play store hosts many simulation games, arranged in different categories: flight simulators, life simulations, business simulations and economics, games to manage the city, games for construction, war simulations and much more.

In this article, we have listed the best 10 free simulation games for Android smartphones and tablets and also for iPhone and iPad

1) The Sims™ Free is a perfect example of what it means to “simulate real life” in a video game.

The most popular life simulation game can also be played on an Android device ( Link ) and on iPhone and iPad ( Link ).

The Sims for mobile phones is the same as the PC version, The Sims 2 and 3 and you have to proceed with the construction of houses, family, social relationships and much more.
The only difference from the normal game is that this application requires an Internet connection to play.

You can create up to 16 custom Sims and change their appearance, hairstyle, shoes, etc. The Sims Freetoplay is different from the latest and best The Sims Mobile, free and multiplayer.

2) Contract Killer is a simulation game that puts us in the shoes of an aspiring killer who must learn to kill in different missions.

There are many weapons to choose from, guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and even a tranquilizer gun if you’re asked to capture someone.

The game is therefore more oriented to action and tactical precision, with beautiful graphics.

Contract Killer is available for Android tablets and smartphones and for iOS ( iPhone and iPad ).

3) Ice Age: the village is a very nice game, suitable for everyone especially for children, only for Android.

Who likes the animated films of the Ice Age will also like the simulation game, where you have to create a village of animals with the help of Sid, Manny, Diego, Eli, Peaches and opossums, Crash and Eddie.

The Ice Age has a lot of fun mini-games that help to pass the time and break the rhythm of the game.

4) Paradise Island 2 allows you to be the head of a small holiday island, where you can practically build an empire.

The goal is to turn the island into the most popular and visited tourist destination in the world.

We must therefore build structures, generate profits and expand the area to make even more buildings.

We must therefore be able to satisfy customers with their own skills as village chief and tour operator.

Paradise Island is free for Android ( Link ) and for iPhone and iPad on iTunes.

5) Smurfs Village is the ideal game for fans of the Smurfs, the famous series of cartoons with blue gnomes.

The village of the Smurfs is a simulation game application in which you have to help the smurfs to create a new village after the evil Gargamel has found it.

Compared to other similar games, the game of the Smurfs does not require an Internet connection to play.

Smurfs Village for Android is available for iPhone and iPad.

6) Tiny Farm is a beautiful farm game, with various types of animals to breed.

The simulation game shows how to take care of the farm animals, to make them graze, feed them when they are hungry, show them affection and so on.

Tiny Farm is free for Android ( link ) and iPhone and iPad (link ).

7) Virtual City Playground (free for Android and for iPhone and iPad ) is the game for those who have dreamed of opening a large multinational company or a chain of hotels and restaurants.

Virtual City Playground allows you to govern a city and play mayor or president.
You have the freedom to choose what to build in a particular area, which services and establishments to provide and which public events to promote to make citizens happy.

You can produce goods and services and deliver them to shopping centers, build roads and provide public transport.

8) Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a game for girls that pretends to live the life of a celebrity, but it must start from scratch.

We must then work our way to become an actress, make commercials, shoot films and play.

The ideal game to dream a little, free, on Android and on iPhone/iPad.

9) Superstar Fashion Girl is another female game for women and girls who are passionate about fashion.

In the simulation, you control a young woman who has thrown herself into the fashion world and has to earn money to buy clothes.

This application has incredibly beautiful graphics, especially in the details on the clothes, very realistic.

Being online, there is also the race for the most elegant and tasteful designer and you can even get out with the most beautiful and successful guy to increase their reputation.
Fashion Icon is a really nice game for Android and iPhone/iPad, for free.

10) MyHospital is a medical simulation game that can be downloaded for free for Android and iPhone.

We start with a small and modest clinic that needs to be enlarged and made more services available to patients, to treat all the different diseases, even rare.
You can hire other doctors and interns to cope with the hospital crowding.
For those who want to work in health care this is the best simulation game to start.

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