Best extensions and add-ons for Google Chrome in 2019

Since its launch, one of the things that most catches the attention of its users is the versatility of applications that the Chrome Web Store offers for free to its users. It has everything, so much that confuses, and for that, we brought today the best names to optimize your work, increase your enjoyment, gain productivity, take care of safety, save headache, etc.



If you have trouble focusing on work and you end up distracting yourself from minute to minute with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and want a radical measure, should try StayFocusd. With it you restrict the time you can access the distractions and that’s it. Example: Let’s say you only have 2 hours of access per day, after that deadline, the pages will be unavailable, returning only the next day.

Awesome Screenshot

Have you ever had to give a print to something you saw on a website and for that you had to press a Ctrl + PrintScreen, then open the paint or PhotoShop to paste the capture and then cut and finally save what you want? If you want to highlight something like arrow, symbol, number, etc. more complicated still. But check out this extension and see how it will all be done with just a few clicks. With the Awesome Screenshot you can save as image the entire visible area of the site, the entire page (including the scrolls) or any specific area. Then you can insert various elements and save, print, send to the cloud, etc.

Google Calendar

A must if you are too busy, or just forgotten, even. Organize dates, add reminders, set up “alarms,” share your calendar with other users (you can create a calendar for your company, for example), invite others to follow your routine, integrate with other applications : Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Facebook events, etc.), work offline, and best of all: Take your calendar wherever you want with integration via Android.

Evernote’s Web Clipper

The easiest way to collect the best from the web, all in one place. Did you like something? “Clip” and send it directly to your Evernote account, done, now it will be available on all your devices. Capture pages and articles and save them in Evernote to search or read later. Bookmark a webpage to show people what to focus on. Share the captured pages in a snap with Work Chat. Really easy and useful.

PDF Viewer

Open pdf’s online without having to download them or have Adobe Reader installed on your PC. You can still zoom, download, mark, switch display mode, etc. Almost everything the software itself offers, but weighing less than 99% of the original size.

Instant Translate

How about a translator always ready for work, without having to go every time Google Translate to know the meaning of a sentence or word? So install this little extension and do it all on the same page you’re working on. Select the period and right click or go to the icon in the taskbar and enter the text you want. It still has the voice feature that gives you the correct pronunciation in dozens of languages.


Pixlr Editor

How about achieving professional editing effects in your images without having to use very heavy software like PhotoShop, Gimp, etc? That’s what Pixlr offers. There are dozens of tools, as well as the most famous publishers on the market. All for free and without weighing machine performance.

Social networks

Social Fixer

Have full control of your Facebook, choose what you want to see, where you want to see, what you do not want to see, change colors, change background, add themes, shortcuts, etc. The most complete and famous of the segment. With it you can also block certain subjects, such as football, novels, BBB, etc. Receive only the updates that interest you.

Silver Bird

Access the main Twitter options through a single button, once installed. With this extension you will be able to check the main subjects of the moment, to see the updates of the timeline, to send images, to expand the tweets that reference to someone, to follow and unfollow, etc.

Instagram for Chrome

Turn your browser into your Instagram and do everything in Google Chrome that can be done on the mobile. Comment, search, use hashtags, short photos, and everything in between. Impeccable.

Social Downloader

And speaking of Instagram, only those who have tried to download a photo or video of Instagram to desktop knows the difficulty that is. Because the site does not offer the “Save” button after you right-click, the business is to capture the screen and crop the image (ie, not for video) or go to the element inspector and search the media in the page. A tremendous manpower.

However, with this complement all you have to do is click on the button that appears for each photo or video and you’re done. And best of all: With it you can download all the posts of a certain account at the simple click of a button. Great for backing up some profile.


Video DownloadHelper

How about downloading any kind of media, from any website? And I mean any website EVEN !! With it you can download videos, audios, animations, etc. Enough of thousands of bookmarks and confusions in the browser. We will solve this with a simple extension of less than 1MB.


This one is really incredible. Do you know when you try to watch a video on YouTube, but is it blocked by regional restrictions? With Hola this will never happen again, but this is not even the best part. If you subscribe to the service of Netflix maybe you know that there, the catalog is immensely bigger, with thousands of titles that we do not have here, was curious? Install Hola and explore all the content of Netflix American, then the French, German ….. Also claims to guarantee those access at university, school or work, where browsing is limited or prohibited.



This is for those who do not want to be crawled on the web. With Disconnect installed in your browser, cookies and metadata will no longer be captured by the pages you visit, and more: you’ll be able to see which invisible connections try to capture the data you’re passing through.

HTTPS everywhere

Project TOR partnership and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this extension encrypts the pages you access to the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol whenever possible to help keep your information confidential


If you are one of those who follow the security tips of the experts, and maintains a different configuration for each service, social network, email, etc. You’ll love this extension. With it you will store ALL passwords in one place, protected by a master password, that is, you only need to have only 1 password saved in mind, so it is a very difficult and one that you will never forget.

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