Best extensions for Google Chrome [2018]

Today we’re going to see what are the best extensions for Google Chrome, which allow us to improve and speed up online browsing.

They are very important for those who constantly use the PC and now we will see why …

The first thing to stress is the ability to install these extensions only on PC using Google Chrome, as the smartphone version does not support (at least for now) the possibility of installing the extensions.

The only browser (or at least the only one I know) that supports smartphone extensions is Yandex, one of the best browsers for Android. It allows you to install the same Google Chrome extensions as if you are using in a PC.

Let’s see the best extensions … leave a comment at the end of the article if you know other good Extension that you use!

  • POPUP BLOCKERThe obligatory extension for surfing us on the streaming sites. Block all popups that open when we click on a link.
  • QR CODEAllows you to create a QR code of the site we are seeing, so as to frame it with the smartphone and open it without wasting time.
  • GOOGLE TRANSLATOR | Nothing to say, says all the title of this extension, simply GOOGLE TRANSLATOR in real time on each site.
  • ADS LINK SKIPPERHave you ever clicked on those links that tell you to wait 5 seconds and then click skip to continue? This extension allows you to skip them directly without having to wait 5 seconds.
  • NATIVE HLS PLAYBACKIt allows you to play the M3U8 video/streaming directly in the browser without having to copy and paste on VLC. A valid extension if you often use those types of files.
  • CHROME REMOTE DESKTOPJust install it and configure it on your PC and you can control them remotely. Remote control is also available from Android.
  • FULL PAGE SCREEN CAPTUREIt allows you to take a picture of what’s on your desktop and allows you to save it in various formats. As if it were a screenshot on the smartphone.

And you use extensions that you can not do without?

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