Send large files via Email: The best sites to transfer heavy files

Usually, you can send a file of up to a maximum of 10 MB. Some mail services, however, also offer the possibility to send files of larger sizes (from 2 to 10 GB), relying on their servers, and thus sending, in fact, only a link with the direct address of where the file (in the cloud storage).
This is the same principle with which the web applications that we are going to see work. To send a large file we can upload it to these sites that will host it for a certain period, enough to allow the recipient to download it via the link that will arrive via email.

1. Filemail(30 GB): through this service we can send files up to 30 GB, which will remain available for 7 days. The drafting of the email takes place identically to a classic email.

2. MyAirBridge (20 GB): with MyAirBridge you can send files up to 20 GB that will remain on the network for 2/3 days depending on the size.
To share them, click on one of the two buttons at the top left of the home. Respectively they are used to send the link directly via e-mail, or to send the file through the classic download link (to share it not via e-mail).

3. WeTransfer(2 GB): perhaps it is one of the best known. This really fast service, both in upload and download, allows you to upload files of up to 2 GB that will remain for 7 days.
You can also enter a message at the time of sending, so as to let the recipient know what was sent to him.

4. MailBigFile (2GB): identical to WeTransfer, with the difference that the files will expire after they have been downloaded 20 times or after 10 days have elapsed since upload.

5. Files to Friends (1 GB): allows you to send up to 10 files at the same time, with a maximum size of 1 GB, up to a maximum of 5 recipients. However, the files will remain available for only 2 days.

In addition to these services there are others that work differently but allow the same to get to the main purpose, or be able to send large files, which through the email we would never be able to transfer.
So let’s move from cloud storage to P2P: to make this system work you have to leave the PC turned on with the page open (even in the background is fine) until the recipient has downloaded the file. The file is not actually uploaded but is made available for transfer and when the recipient will click on the link we sent him, he will download it directly from our PC.

1. FilePizza(P2P): one of the best from all points of view. The strength that makes it perhaps the best is that you can also download the file from several people at the same time. There is no limit of size, while the speed will depend on that of our upload and download of the downloader.

2. Takeafile (P2P): the only prerequisite is that those who download must do it through the same browser that we use. Once you reach the home you need to upload the file and wait for a link to be generated for the transfer (to be sent via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.).

3. (P2P): simple alternative web app to exchange files via P2P.

4. Send Anywhere(P2P): convenient if you want to use the smartphone app too.

5. Simple.Savr (P2P): particular and different from the others because the home page consists of a text file visible to all devices connected to the same network. It is possible to set a password to view the text and even the files can be protected.
If desired, you can add IP addresses external to our network.

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