How to Send Large Files (Up to 100GB)

How to Send Large Files (Up to 100GB)

Those who use the Internet to exchange large files will surely come across WeTransfer, the famous website that allows you to send files up to 2GB easily and without complicated registration. The success of WeTransfer lies in the fact that it is easy to use but also for the great ability to send files of generous dimensions.

There are many valid alternatives to WeTransfer and that allow you to exchange large files in a few clicks, even up to 100GB, you read well up to 100GB of data all quickly.

4 Web Services to send large files

TransferXL ( LINK )

It is a web service that allows you to send 100GB files in a few clicks. You can create and share large files in just a few clicks. Simply access the service home page, find the file, enter the recipient’s e-mail address and click on the transfer item. The link can be shared with whoever we want.

WeTransfer ( LINK )

It is the first in its field, to send files up to 2GB is the best, allows you to share content that after 7 days are shared.No need to register and send a file is as easy as ever, you access the service, upload the file and enter the recipient’s email. It’s free and will allow you to receive a notification when your contact download the file.

SendFile ( LINK )

It allows you to share files up to 18GB for free and allows you to protect them with a password. Access the service, click on Start Now, then on Share as a link and you’re done. We will get a link that will open only if we know the password communicated by the person who uploaded the file.

FileMail ( LINK )

FileMail instead allows you to upload files up to 30GB and in the free version the link is worth 7 days. It is free and without registration and by opening the home page, clicking on Send as link we can add files or entire folders and clicking on the Send button will start uploading the file. At the end we will get a link to share with who you want to download the file you just uploaded.

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