Download Instagram IGTV APK for Android

Let’s see how to download Instagram IGTV APK on your Android device. You’ve definitely noticed a brand new button at the top of Instagram. Have you? It’s that little TV button. Cute, eh? In case you were wondering, here’s what it is and how you can use it. Instagram has recently announced that it is releasing a new app called Instagram IGTV APK that will record full-screen, one-hour videos created from the accounts you follow.

There are two ways to access IGTV. There is that button above at the top of Instagram, next to the DM card plane, or you can download the app separately. The way IGTV works is quite surprising. After installing this application, users log in using their Instagram profile. The integration between IGTV and Instagram is just like that between Facebook and Instagram. After logging into IGTV, users can create their own channel. Once the channel is created, they are free to upload videos from their phone.

IGTV does not support horizontal videos. However, if you recorded a video horizontally in portrait mode, you can definitely load it by tweaking a little with the orientation of the rotation. Videos uploaded to your IGTV channel can be viewed by all your followers. In the IGTV APK Instagram feed, you’ll find videos uploaded by the people you’re following, as well as videos of people you’ve been interested in.

Instagram IGTV has just been released so it is right that this application does not yet have many features. At the moment, you can only upload videos by adding a title and description. Tags like YouTube are not yet available in IGTV. Your friends can like and comment on your videos. There are no options for editing the video in this application. It’s just a simple upload-and-watch application. IGTV is free and is available in the Play Store worldwide.

If you have not yet managed to get IGTV, we recommend using the APK for manual installation. Instagram lovers can download IGTV APK from here. The instructions to install Instagram IGTV are right next to the download link.

Download Instagram IGTV APK for Android

  1. Instagram IGTV APK v50. –  Download – Play Store
  2. Copy the APK to your phone.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings> Security or Lock screen and security> Unknown sources> Allow.
  4. Now locate the IGTV apk and install it.
  5. Open IGTV in the application menu.
  6. Log in now and create your channel.
  7. Upload your videos and have fun!

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