5 best file managers for iOS

A few time ago the use of a file manager for iOS (as for any mobile OS) could seem superfluous, nowadays the situation has definitely changed. The reason is the gradual spread of cloud services that allow you to remotely manage files and which involve both fixed and mobile devices.+++

In this specific case, often you find yourself having to share files between your iPhone and a Mac, but also with a more classic PC. So what are the iOS apps that provide better service?

What are the best file managers available for iOS?

The choice, in this sense, is fairly wide. Specifically we decided to outline 5 apps that can be considered the top of the industry.

Readdle documents

Classified as number 8 in the Apple App Store in the Productivity section and probably the most trusted and used third-party file management app. With Documents you can watch your videos and set their speed. It also allows you to create annotations on PDFs, as well as having access to all your Apple Music library and iCloud.

As is easy to guess from the name, the strength is still the management of text files: Documents, among other things, allows you to read eBooks that can be shared between PC and Mac. It has an integrated FTP server to help you transfer files with extreme simplicity. Unless special needs, this software is the best in its field.

File Master

File Master is a more than valid alternative to Documents: this app offers users a simple and intuitive interface, a feature appreciated by many. The program in question allows users to:

  • manage passwords and rediscover forgotten ones
  • listen to music and watch movies with a player capable of supporting avi, flv, rmvm, rm, mov, mp4, mp3, wma and m3u8 files
  • full support for cloud archiving
  • strong functions to protect privacy regarding documents, folders and other types of files (which can be hidden)

An app very complete and able to satisfy all types of users.

File Hub Plus

File Hub Plus is another rather elegant and functional file management tool. Among the countless features include music and video playback, as well as a nice and light photo and image player. With File Hub Plus you can copy, cut, paste, rename and move your files with great ease.

The music player appears to be quite advanced, with the ability to view images of the artist or albums and other small features absolutely not discounted for a file manager. Users can use the app to transfer files via Wi-Fi and even import files from iCloud.

iExplorer Mobile

iExplorer Mobile, also known as Awesome file is created by the same developers of iExplorer, used in desktop environment on Mac. Among the peculiarities that distinguish this app from the competition, we point out a downloader that allows you to download web pages locally and then read them when it is offline (a very useful function for those who have paid data traffic).

Among the different features present a rather advanced music file reader and a perfect integration with Dropbox.

File App

File App is a file manager for iOS that stands out from other apps as it allows you to share images directly on social networks.

Your primary concern is to protect your data, so the first thing you need to use is a password so that nobody can peek into your files. Present an integrated image editor in which users can also create small presentations.

Naturally there is an unmissable video and music player (with possibility of production in the background).

In conclusion

The app that owns iOS file management is certainly not bad. For the moment, however, software created by third parties is still somewhat higher in quality and number of features offered.

Each file manager offers small advantages over the competition and, in all probability, in the medium term, Apple will be able to steal all these features to create an app capable of managing files in an optimal way.

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