How to download music on iPhone even for free

From Spotify to YouTube Music, there are many ways to download music on iPhone. Here’s how to download our favorite songs, even for free.

Downloading music on iPhone can be a fundamental requirement for many users who prefer to listen to music offline for convenience or battery and data savings.

Among SpotifyApple MusicYouTube Music, etc., there are many services and music streaming apps that in addition to listening online allow you to download songs on iPhone for free. Let’s find out together.

The apps to download music on iPhone

All the main streaming music services offer the opportunity to download music on your smartphone. iPhone is no exception, and to download music to listen offline you can choose between:


To download songs and playlists on your iPhone with Spotify, just register as a Premium account, via monthly subscription, and through the app move the Download switch to ON in the sections of interest (Albums, tracks and playlists).

Once downloaded the tracks will be available on your device even offline, by simply playing them: always check to have enough space on your iPhone to start downloading and check the settings to set the quality suitable for your storage space.

YouTube Music Premium 

YT Music is the YouTube app created specifically for collecting music videos. The paid version, YouTube Music Premium, allows you to listen to songs in the background but also to download videos. The service costs $12.99 per month and on iPhone is activated through registration with iTunes but there is a free trial of one month.

Apple Music

Even Apple Music allows you to download the songs usually listened to in streaming. The Apple music service has a monthly cost but, unlike Spotify, provides a free 90-day trial period.

To download your favorite songs you have to click on the icon with the + symbol to add the music you are interested in on your library and on the cloud (similar to the iCloud symbol) to download the songs on your iPhone.

Amazon Music

Even Amazon Music allows the same function, although perhaps many ignore the possibility. Amazon Music provides a 30-day trial period and is even free, albeit with some limitation, for Amazon Prime subscribers.

To download music to your iPhone via Amazon Music, just press the options button, indicated by three vertical dots, located next to the song title.

Select Download to start downloading the song you want to listen offline. Similar procedure for albums and playlists: after a simple touch on the covers, click the arrow symbol down to download everything.

Where do you find your downloaded songs on iPhone? In the Downloads section in the Recents section of the Amazon music service.

Download music on iPhone without paying

Download music on iPhone, as we have mentioned, it is also possible for free through several apps to download songs on both iOS and Android.

If we think of Apple, and therefore iPhone, there are several apps that make this operation possible, moving, unfortunately, to the limits of legality. Here are some examples:


Perhaps one of the most famous app and use for this purpose on iPhone. MyMp3 is an Mp3 converter that allows you to transform any video played in the music format, by extracting the audio from the movie. It is good to choose videos in high quality, without sound interference, to ensure the best possible listening experience.

Tube Master

Tube Master is born as an app to convert video, but it can also be useful for those who like to listen to music from YouTube (but do not want to subscribe to the new paid music service YouTube Music). The app offers the possibility to download videos or watch them, being able to continue the experience even in the background or stand-by. A practical solution for those who want to “download” music on their iPhone without taking up too much memory.


A borderline application but certainly effective, which allows you to download free music on iPhone through a small digital library that offers free music to download on your phone. The app is based on the non-profit, and can count on an archive of songs managed entirely by WFMU (a radio station well known in the USA).

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