Best Flashlight Apps for Android and iPhone

The latest generations of smartphones and tablets are equipped with powerful LED flashes that allow you to illuminate large areas using a simple application. In this guide today we decided to group the best flashlight apps for Android and iPhone to use to do just that.


The first app we recommend you use is simply called Flashlight and is available for both Android and iOS. This completely free software allows you to turn your device into a real flashlight (or almost) by exploiting the potential of the LED flash on the back of your device. In addition to the classic lighting, the small application boasts the Flashing and Strobe modes and also allows the LED light to flash every time a call is received.

Once you have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store(depending on the device in your possession), start and press the Continue button to access the main application screen. On Android, you simply need to bring up the flashlight switch and adjust the various options available (including the SOS mode ) by moving the upper part to the right.

Just above the switch there is also a small compass while in the lower right you can clean up the RAM memory of your Android device through the Boost function. By pressing on the gear icon located at the bottom left and choosing Call Reminder, you can choose whether to flash the LED flash when a call is received by activating the Call Reminder Screen option switch. Turning the Sounds option lever OFF, you can turn off the sounds played by the switch and the toggle to change the lighting mode.

Finally, by choosing Notification Reminder, you can flash the LED flash when you receive a message. On iOS, however, you can adjust the brightness in two levels through the switch or quickly turn off the sounds played by the app by pressing the volume icon in the lower right corner. Pressing on the gear icon, however, you can simply know the privacy policy of the app, send feedback to the developer or choose whether to share the data collected by the software through the option Share data with developers.

Flashlight LED HD

Among the best flashlight apps for Android and iPhone to use on your smartphone or tablet we decided to also include Flashlight LED HD. This is a completely free software ( Android/iOS ) that allows you to use the LED flash built into the device to illuminate the desired point. The interface is very simple and intuitive, consisting of two buttons and a color palette.

The first key (the one present under the heading LED ) allows you to activate/deactivate the flash. The next screen also shows a lever that allows you to adjust the flash illumination mode.

On iOS, there is also a second slider which allows you to adjust the brightness according to your needs. The second button, together with the color palette, allows you to use the screen as a flash, also setting your favorite color. If desired, it is possible to lock this functionality by pressing on the padlock.

High-powered flashlight

Another completely free software to turn your device into a real flashlight is High-Powered Flashlight. Also this application works on both Android and iOS. Once you have downloaded the application from the Play Store or the App Store, start it and the LED flash of your smartphone or tablet will be activated automatically.

Through the central button you can turn the torch on or off while with the upper switch you can choose the desired lighting mode among the 10 available. Also present a convenient compass in the center. Only on iOS, you can adjust the brightness level by moving the slider, reproduce a color on the screen or send a Morse code always using the LED flash.

Best flashlight apps for Android and iPhone to use: alternatives

In addition to the applications listed in the last few lines, we have decided to include below alternative solutions to be taken into consideration.

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