7 best free and useful AntiVirus for Windows

Today we will see 7 best free and useful antivirus for Windows, after having recently proposed also which is the best antivirus for Windows 10.

For many years now there are many antiviruses compatible with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, both free and of course paid. Below we will take a few minutes to see the best free antivirus to install on your PC or laptop so as to secure each file and data.

Nowadays, having a very high level of security when using your PC is of vital importance. Security is one of the main problems facing by users all over the world.

The bad guys are always ready to find flaws on the network and extract important data. The most effective way for everyone to defend themselves is to install a good antivirus.

Usually you are always looking for paid antivirus, not being aware that there are many free even. Microsoft with its Windows operating system, after years of work has managed to greatly improve security, focusing all its resources on Windows Defender. The list of antiviruses that we will now propose is composed of 5 most downloaded ever to date. Let’s see what they are together.


One of the best antivirus in circulation perfect especially for those who have installed the operating system Windows 10 on their PC or laptop. AVG is the antivirus par excellence downloaded by millions of users perfect in its entirety, is offered both free and paid. The solution that does not provide any cost does not offer many features but still provides more than satisfactory protection from the many viruses. Simply download, if you do not have enough money for an antivirus it may be one of the choices we personally recommend. The free version, however, has no protection with regard to online purchases and has no blocking for pishing and spam. If you need more features then you can opt for the Pro version for only $45 per year. Version that has no limit to the applicable devices can always be used.

Download AVG


Now let’s move on to another antivirus which is also free and has excellent features. Even Avast as AVG offers paid packages where the features present are more. Avast is one of the most downloaded antiviruses for Windows 10 because it is offered at no cost. If you are looking for protection this is not a bad choice, much less in terms of optimization and performance of the device. In these cases the antivirus will serve you little and nothing. Avast free provides, in addition to protection from malware and viruses of various kinds, also a superb online game control service and a password manager function, very useful and very efficient. Logically there can be no blocking of spam, fake e-commerce protection and the saving and protection of all your data.

Download Avast

Kaspersky Antivirus 2018

One of the best solutions available in circulation of free antivirus. Kaspersky is an antivirus company located in Russia, to date its products have always been very successful. The new Kaspersky Antivirus 2018 is really excellent which offers real-time scanning of all your files, scanning all the mail you receive and much more. Software efficiency is excellent for system resources and ease of use make it perfect for anyone to use. The interface is very intuitive and is kept free of unnecessary features. Antivirus for Windows recommended.

Download Kaspersy Security

Panda Security

Another excellent solution for maximum security of your Windows PC. An excellent antivirus which provides first a trial period completely free and then costs just 2.99 monthly. Panda Free offers many useful features among other things provides the possibility of not having any constraint of devices that can be connected via a single account. In such a way that the already modest expenditure of it can be divided for good inside a house, office or shop. We have not finished, the antivirus in question works perfectly on any device starting from the PC up to the tablet, from the phone to wearable devices. Panda Free is the maximum that any user can ask from an antivirus offers complete protection of videos and photos. It also boasts one of the most intuitive parental controls in circulation. In short, a super software is a good solution with an advantageous cost. Only black are the functions for optimizing the performance for the rest we recommend.

Download Panda Security

Avira Antivirus

Avira, by many people and experts in the field is considered one of the best antivirus in circulation. Results always at the top with this excellent antivirus that goes to guarantee a 360-degree security of your PC or laptop. The company of German origins has obtained 6 stars in all the tests of the AV-Test. One of the best choices to protect your device. Avira offers the only protection package, which includes anti-ransomware and an artificial intelligence control, in this case the price is 24 euros per year. The complete package that optimizes PC performance and also offers a VPN costs $60 instead. Of course there is also a free version that offers less features but guarantees a more than satisfactory protection of your system.

Download Avira Antivirus


Another excellent antivirus even if it is considered one of the heaviest programs that can slow down your PC if it is not equipped with good hardware. However, Norton offers an excellent solution to protect against malware and malicious attacks. The only flaw of this antivirus is the fact that it is very difficult to use it so if in the field you are not very experienced we advise against it. The Norton Security package is perfect for small or large families, as the 60 dollar software can protect up to 10 devices simultaneously. A package that automatically backs up photos, files of various kinds and other important documents. All this has been confirmed by the AV-Test. Definitely one of the best antivirus for your Windows device to try absolutely.

Download Norton


We conclude with Bitdefender considered by many the best Windows antivirus on the market. The antivirus in question has obtained virtually the highest score in the AV-Test ranking. More advantageous than the competition in terms of price but not for this less performing. Bitdefender offers a very intriguing package. The package that protects three devices for one year costs $30 on the company website. While the Total Security package that offers an always up-to-date ransomware protection service costs about 40 dollars for a year and can be used on 5 different devices without problems.

Download Bitdefender

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