Best Free Alternative Antivirus to Windows Defender for Windows 10

Best antivirus for Windows 10 alternative to Windows Defender, simple and with protection against malware without limitations

Windows 10 PCs include the built-in Windows Defender anti-virus, an update after update, which is truly effective against all types of malware, with accurate control of the system.
The main advantage of the antivirus system of Windows 10, in addition to the good degree of protection offered, lies in its being silent and hidden, so that if you are not experienced you might even think that it is not present.
Many people and specialized blogs (including ours) believe that there is no need for another antivirus, while others do not agree and suggest to install an antivirus.
In this article we therefore see the best antivirus for Windows 10 alternative to Windows Defender, which are free and without limitations.

1) Avast is the most popular free antivirus, which offers very robust antimalware protection, with a high detection rate of infections and many Extra options.
It also adds a password manager, anti-phishing protection, behavioural analysis and game modes to become lightweight when the PC needs to make the most of its resources.
Avast is also an antimalware that makes network scanning and all devices to detect any security issues.

2) AVG free antivirus is one of the oldest antiviruses ever and used all over the world, great for Windows 10.
AVG is able to verify the legitimacy of the files in a precise way as few, so as to receive a perfect score of six out of six from the independent AV-TEST laboratory.
In addition to powerful real-time protection, AVG also offers some great add-ons for email protection, a firewall that keeps hackers away, protecting payments while shopping online.
There is no quick scan function, even if the full scan is a little faster than most other free alternatives to Windows Defender, especially after completing the initial scan.

3) Avira Antivirus Free is a favorite of many antivirus users, thanks to real time protection against malware combined with several additional tools that are usually only found in paid suites.
AV-TEST has also given Avira a protection score of six out of six, with top marks also in terms of performance, making it one of the less impacting antivirus alternatives you can find.
Avira weighs little on resources, does not occupy too much cpu and ram and protects without being noticed as it should be.
Avira’s quick scans are among the fastest in the free antivirus category.
Among the extra features of Avira we have the VPN Phantom VPN with 500 MB of free traffic every month to surf the Internet safely without censorship and blocking.
The database of antivirus signatures, ie the protections, are updated every 24 hours so there is no risk of being caught by the latest virus out of Russia or China.

4) Bitdefender Free is one of the simplest antiviruses ever for Windows 10, with a free version that offers the same protection against malware that you would receive if you paid the commercial version.
The independent AV-TEST laboratory found a 100% success rate compared to malware attacks in the Bitdefender tests, thus demonstrating complete reliability.
Once installed, you can create a Bitdefender account which is the only thing required for the free program.
Bitdefender does not have many options and is not a flaw because it makes everything incredibly simple.
It is sufficient to leave the “Virus Shield” and “Auto Scan” options active in order to have a well-protected computer.
The only limit is that you can not schedule scans or perform a quick scan.

5) Sophos Home for Windows 10 is the free version of one of the best commercial antiviruses ever, which includes protection against phishing and malicious links.
It also has a remote access function to check the health of the PC at any time and from anywhere.
As an antivirus it is very simple to use, with clear settings.
Sophos uses the same high-level technology found in its paid services in the free antivirus, with excellent results in terms of security, performance and ease of use.

6) Panda Antivirus is another great alternative in the category of free antivirus for Windows 10, not only for its cloud protection that does not weigh down the PC, but also for its ease of use, to remain hidden without disturbing computer work, with the ability to detect every type of malware.

7) Malwarebytes, in its free version, is not an alternative to Windows Defender, but can be installed in parallel on your computer to have the most powerful virus scanning program, so you can make checks when there are suspicions of infections and to rest assured.

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